Six Ways You Unknowingly Attract Bradenton Mosquitoes

If someone were to ask you, "Why do mosquitoes come into your yard?" What would your response be? Would you say that they come into your yard to feed on your blood and make your life miserable? If so, you would be wrong. Let's take that second part first. It is unlikely that mosquitoes know that they make your life miserable, and there really isn't any reason they would want to make your life miserable. The happier you are about letting them draw blood from you, the easier it is for mosquitoes to get a blood meal. It is counter-intuitive for mosquitoes to make you want to kill them with extreme prejudice. Okay. That being said, let's turn our attention to the first part. Do mosquitoes come into your yard to get a blood meal? It is highly unlikely. Mosquitoes can't see you from a distance. They have very poor eyesight. So, unless you're hanging out on the border of your yard, you're not likely to be the reason mosquitoes come into your yard. Why do those bloodsuckers come into your yard? Here are six reasons to consider.

1. Carbon Dioxide

mosquito on skin

While mosquitoes can't see well, they can detect carbon dioxide from a distance. The more CO2 you have in your yard, the more attractive it will be to mosquitoes. Now, you're not likely to create enough CO2 on your own to attract mosquitoes into your yard, but if you have a big gathering, you could find yourself dealing with more mosquitoes afterward.

2. Plants And Flowers

Male and female mosquitoes need to eat in order to survive. While females mosquitoes can get some nourishment from blood, both females and males feed on nectar and plant sap. If you have lots of plants in your yard, you're likely to have lots of mosquitoes.

3. Shade

Mosquitoes get dried out when they spend too much time in the sun. In the middle of the day, you're going to find mosquitoes hiding in every shaded location they can find. If you have lots of shade, you'll probably have lots of mosquitoes. Plants in your landscape can provide shade for mosquitoes as they also provide nourishment.

4. Moisture

When a mosquito is hiding from the sun, it is going to prefer a location that is higher in humidity. If you have dampness near your home, it can invite mosquitoes to rest in your yard. Landscape vegetation tends to be moist because it requires watering. This makes your landscape vegetation a triple threat.

5. Standing Water

This attractant is different from the others mentioned so far. Standing water doesn't just attract mosquitoes; it provides a breeding site for mosquitoes. If one female mosquito lays eggs near your home, she has the potential to create hundreds of mosquitoes in your yard. The more you understand about breeding sites, the better off you'll be.

  • A female mosquito can breed in one half an inch of water. All she needs is an overturned frisbee sitting on the ground with some rainwater in it.

  • Water must be stagnant for a mosquito to develop. Adding a water circulator to a birdbath can keep mosquitoes from developing in the water.

  • It takes more than a week for mosquitoes to develop from wigglers, to tumblers, to adult mosquitoes that are able to fly. If you pour the water out onto the ground and let it dry up, you can prevent the adult mosquitoes from taking to the air.

  • A clogged gutter can provide a breeding site in two ways. Water can saturate the ground and create puddles, and water in the gutter itself can create a pool.

6. Leaves

If you have leaf litter on the ground near your home, it can become compacted and capture rainwater. When it does, it could provide a breeding site. A pile of leaves can create a nice moist hiding space within. Keep your leaves raked up if you want fewer mosquitoes in your yard.

Mosquito Control In Bradenton

Okay. Now that we've talked about the ways you can attract mosquitoes, let's take a moment to discuss how you can get rid of mosquitoes. If you want to make your Bradenton yard a no-fly-zone for mosquitoes, the best solution is to have Keller's Pest Control perform routine treatments to the hiding places where mosquitoes will rest in your yard. This works to eliminate mosquitoes even as they attempt to take root in your yard. If you'd like to learn more about how we treat for mosquitoes, or to schedule service for your home, reach out to us today. We're standing by to help.