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Dogs make everything better - even pest control!  Trained bed bug dogs have a keen sense of smell that can detect bed bug infestations much more quickly and efficiently than a human inspector (especially when searching for eggs and nymphs).  At Keller’s Pest Control, we rely on our licensed bed bug dogs and their handlers to accurately identify bed bug infestations.

Meet Keller’s Bed Bug Dogs And Handlers

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Captain & Taylor

Our bed bug dog is a two-year-old Vizsla named Captain.  Certified in scent detection, Captain has a specialization in bed bug detection.

Captain’s handler and best friend is Taylor.  A certified operator, Taylor is trained to detect bed bug infestations as well. 

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Sally & Morgan

Eight-month-old Sally is a rescued black and tan hound that is certified in scent detection and has a specialization in bed bug detection.

With over four years of hands-on experience in bed bug work, Morgan makes an excellent handler for Sally.

How Our Bed Bug Dogs & Handlers Work

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Visual Assessment
Your K-9 handler will visually assess the room and form a plan to best inspect the area.

Preliminary Inspection
Your bed bug dog and handler will work their way throughout the room, inspecting baseboards, laundry, furniture (including sofas, chairs, and beds), and making note of the K-9’s alerts.

Visual Confirmation
Your handler will inspect areas that the K-9 gave the alert to - searching for evidence of bed bug infestation such as the bugs themselves, eggs, nymphs, cast skin, and fecal matter.

Discreet Bed Bug Dog Inspections For Homes & Businesses

If you’re worried about what your neighbors or customers will say, don’t be!  We have utilized our bed bug dog in a variety of locations, having the most success in areas that require discretion and experience heavy traffic. In fact, we utilize K-9 scent detection to detect bed bugs in a variety of locations including, but not limited to:

Private Homes

Schools & Dorms


Assisted Living Facilities


Doctors & Lawyers Offices


Movie Theaters



Serving Tampa Bay to Naples and everywhere in between, contact Keller’s Pest Control for more information or to schedule your inspection.

Why Choose Keller's Bed Bug Dog

NACPI Certified
Our bed bug dogs and handlers are certified through North American Canine Pest Inspectors.  Certification standards include live testing in a variety of locations and situations under controlled environments. 

Ongoing Training
Our K-9 inspection teams are among the best. They train for a minimum of two hours every day, building their bonds and solidifying their skills in bed bug inspection.

Our bed bug dogs have been trained to alert discreetly, by lying down and pointing their noses toward the infestation, rather than barking. This level of discretion is ideal for hotels, apartment complexes, hospitals, schools, and any other high traffic area where the customers don’t need to be alerted.

Accuracy & Efficiency
Trained and certified bed bug dogs are more efficient than humans when inspecting. In fact, dogs have 96% accuracy rating in identifying a bed bug infestation, compared to 25% accuracy rating that humans have.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Bed Bug Dog Inspections

How do I choose a bed bug dog? 

The most important part of searching for a bed bug dog is their license and certification. Make sure both handler and K-9 are certified by reputable organizations in the industry.  Both of Keller’s K-9s are certified by North American Canine Pest Inspectors (NACPI).

Why are bed bug dogs better at detecting bed bugs than human inspectors?

Dogs sense of smell is at least 40 times greater than humans, resulting in a higher accuracy rate when identifying bed bug infestations - 96% for dogs vs. 25% for humans.

Are bed bug dog inspections cost-effective?

In short - yes! Dogs are efficient and accurate. A dog can inspect a room in 2 minutes or less and have the ability to pinpoint infested areas, resulting in more efficient treatment of the centralized area rather than treating an entire structure (which costs much more!). Human inspections take much, much longer and are 70% less accurate than our K-9 companions.


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