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Bradenton, Florida! Home of lush greenery, gorgeous waterways, and all the life that comes with them. Aptly nicknamed the “Friendly City,” pests seem to have gotten the memo and thought that friendliness would extend to them as well. Although we love the wildlife that comes with living in such a biodiverse area, sometimes they can overstay their welcome. There is an option to help alleviate the guests who have overstayed their welcome – partnering with locally owned and family operated Keller’s Pest Control!

Keller’s Pest Control was started right here in Bradenton, setting its roots and growing into the household name you know and trust. Driven by our old-school work ethic, what began as a service to Bradenton and only a few surrounding cities has grown to include servicing all of Manatee and Sarasota counties, with limited services in Pinellas, Hillsborough, and Charlotte counties. That doesn’t mean we’ve lost our friendly touch. In fact, we pride ourselves on providing good, old-fashioned customer service, even in our larger service area. Whether you’re having issues with common pest pressures (ants, mosquitoes, roaches, termites, invasive wildlife, etc.) or your issue has evolved into a full-blown infestation, Keller’s Pest Control has the knowledge and experience to service your unique needs at a price you can afford.

Bradenton, FL Termite Control

Bradenton, like most Florida communities, is vulnerable to termites. The most common we experience are the drywood and subterranean termites.  The good news- Keller’s treats both!  Our termite control in Bradenton includes accurate identification of the species and treatment that exterminates termites- for good.  If you’ve noticed a termite swarm or have uncovered termite damage, we can help.  Visit our termite control page for more information on how we get rid of termites or simply contact us online or by calling (INSERT CALL TRACKING NUMBER).

Mosquito Treatments In Bradenton, Florida

Unfortunately, there are several types of mosquitoes in Bradenton and throughout Manatee County and many of them are capable of transmitting serious illness to people and pets.  If you enjoy spending time in your backyard and would prefer not to be covered in mosquito bites, Keller’s Pest Control can help.  We realize mosquitoes are a year-round problem and offer ongoing mosquito control services that take the bite out of these pests.  Take back your yard, contact Keller’s today!

Commercial Pest Control In Bradenton, FL

Keller’s Pest Control proudly accepts commercial pest control contracts! We offer modern, efficient, and often discreet services for Bradenton businesses including restaurants, hospitals, and managed properties. We provide competitive prices and have trained technicians to handle your needs, big or small. Have you heard all this before, only to be let down? Won’t happen at Keller’s! What makes us stand out is our belief in good, old-fashioned customer service. When you purchase a service with Keller’s, you get more than a contract. You get 24-hour service and a direct line to your dedicated technician. We strive to be the best in the business and have a long list of former and current customers that can back us up. We’ve treated over 1000 structures, ranging in size from 500 to 30,000 square feet, just ask them!


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