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Bed Bug Control in Sarasota

You might think bed bugs are only a problem for hotels, apartment buildings, and other commercial facilities but here at Keller’s Pest Control, we receive many calls from homeowners worried about bed bugs.  These biting insects are a real problem for homes and commercial environments and infest properties indiscriminately in Bradenton and throughout Manatee County as well as Sarasota, Pinellas, Hillsborough, and Charlotte counties.  In fact, the five-county area surrounding Tampa Bay has some of the most chemical-resistant bed bugs in the country.  If you think you’ve found bed bugs or signs of an infestation, take action right away.  At Keller’s Pest Control, we offer comprehensive bed bug control solutions that take the bite out of these pests!

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

bed bug killed by a heat treatment

Bed bugs don’t like heat. In fact, excessive heat will kill them. That’s why we use and trust Quest products, a modern, hydronic heating system that is far superior and a much more effective alternative to conventional, messy, and ineffective chemical treatments. Our systems allow us to heat the entire structure (including tight corners and enclosed spaces that may not always be reached in more traditional methods) up to 7,000 square feet in a single day.  temperatures that adult bed bugs, as well as bed bug nymphs and eggs, cannot withstand. 

When you contact Keller’s Pest Control for a heat treatment, you can count on our team to get rid of bed bugs.  Here’s what you can expect on the day of treatment:

Inspection & Set Up
Our technicians will arrive at 7 AM to perform a walkthrough to make sure that the items on the preparation checklist were completed.  They’ll also unload and set up equipment.

Heat Treatment
Treatment will begin around 8 AM and will last 8 hours on average.  The infested area(s) will be heated in excess of 126 degrees Fahrenheit for several hours.  During this time, technicians will enter the infested areas to move/flip/adjust furniture to ensure heat penetration. All treatments are continuously monitored using wireless temperature sensors to record the entire process.  We also employ FLIR Thermal Imaging cameras and laser thermometers to make sure no cracks or crevices are missed.  

Breakdown & Wrap Up
Following treatment, our technicians will break down equipment and contact the property owner/manager to let them know they're wrapping up the treatment and that they'll be able to return home bed bug-free.

If this treatment sounds right for you, give us a call to discuss your unique situation and we will schedule an on-site inspection to confirm their presence, develop a quote, and provide a preparation checklist.

Additional Bed Bug Services For Homes & Businesses

fumigation tent killing insects

Bed Bug Tent Fumigation

In instances of heavy clutter or items that cannot withstand heat, we may recommend tent fumigation. In general, this method requires different prep work than heat, including the removal of debris from the outside of the building/structure so the tent can lay flat and unobstructed and the removal of food and anything that can be contaminated by the fumigant.

This four-day process is available for single-family dwellings and residential or commercial facilities that can be tented.  Typically tent fumigation books out four to six weeks and therefore heat may be a more attractive option as it can be conducted within a few days of contacting Keller’s. 

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Commercial Bed Bug Services

In addition to the services mentioned above, Keller's Pest Control offers bed bug consultation services that include insight/recommendations on sanitation, bed bug protocols, creating policy and procedures relating to bed bugs. This is a great option for property and apartment management companies as well as assisted living facilities and nursing homes.  We also provide employee education and will give bed bug presentations to companies including other pest control operators!

kellers pest control uses a k9 dog to detect pests

Bed Bug Canine Inspections

Keller’s harnesses the power of the canine nose to seek out bed bugs that have infested homes and businesses.  To learn more about Keller’s bed bug canines and handlers, click here!

Bed Bug Guarantee

What is a business without a guarantee? Not Keller’s! We work hard and stand by our work, that’s why Keller's Pest Control offers a bed bug guarantee for residential dwellings.  Please ask us for details.

Why Choose Keller's Pest Control For Your Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Keller’s Pest Control isn’t just another company that offers bed bug control. We are a neighborhood friend that offers good, old-fashioned customer service, hard work, and modern equipment. You get the service you deserve and work you can trust. In fact, Keller's Pest Control has successfully eradicated bed bugs infestations in thousands of structures from 500 to 30,000 square feet, we have the experience and know-how to handle any situation.


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Bed Bug Heat Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

Is the type of heating equipment used important to the client and does it make a difference?

Absolutely! Keller’s uses hydronic heat. Simply put, a furnace heats food grade Propylene Glycol that is distributed to each of our heating coils strategically placed throughout a structure to provide maximum BTUs (British Thermal Units) of heat. This efficiency allows us to treat up to 7,000 sq. ft in a single cycle. Hydronic heat also eliminates the risk of fire because there is no open flame, compressed gases or overloaded electrical circuits that are common with electric and propane systems.

What temperature is needed to kill bed bugs and is it safe for the contents of our home?

While there are many temperatures that if held long enough will kill the bug and egg, Keller’s uses 126 degrees as our benchmark. At this temperature, the adult bugs and eggs expire immediately. This temperature is maintained for several hours to ensure bed bugs inside furnishing, mattresses, and other contents are exterminated.  This also ensures complete wall and carpet penetration, therefore providing a 100% kill rate.  At Keller’s, our computer controlled hydronic heating system used in conjunction with our FLIR Thermal Imaging cameras guarantee no areas where bed bugs can hide are missed. It’s no accident that Keller’s is considered the leader in our industry when it comes to bed bug eradication and educating our clients so they do not re-infest.

How long does the average treatment take?

The average home or condo will take approximately 8 hours from start to finish. You will be back in your bed that night enjoying a sound night's sleep - Bed Bug FREE!


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