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If you’ve discovered rodents or signs of them in your home or business, it’s important to take action.  Whether it’s mice, squirrels, or more commonly, rats, rodent infestations can cause serious damage and introduce health and safety risks.  At Keller’s Pest Control, we know what it takes to get rid of rodents and are ready to help with effective rodent control solutions for homes and businesses in Manatee and Sarasota counties as well as throughout our service areapair of rodents peering out from under a rock

Our Rodent Control Process

If you’re thinking you can handle your rodent problem on your own, please consider it takes more than placing a few traps around the house or facility.  In order to successfully eliminate rodents from homes and businesses, Keller’s Pest Control uses our extensive knowledge of rodents, the tools of our trade, and a comprehensive process that ensures success. 

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Inspection & Free Estimate

We believe in good old-fashioned customer service. That includes an inspection and free estimate. We first come in and identify the type of rodent, severity of infestation and origin, and what is helping them thrive. From there, we work together to provide an estimate based on your unique rodent issues.

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Once the initial inspection is completed and a plan is developed, we begin the actual treatment. We start by doing what we can do to exclude the pests from entering the structure. This includes sealing holes with wire mesh, clearing debris, or if major repairs are required, referring the property owner to a specialized contractor.

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Trapping Program

We then install traps. These traps are used to catch rodents that are already actively living in your house or business. Keller technicians then return either daily or every other day, depending on severity, until the problem is resolved. 

Upgrade To Ongoing Rodent Control

If your home or facility is prone to rodent infestations (if you are unsure, we will let you know), Keller recommends upgrading to an ongoing rodent control program. Service frequency could be as often as every month or as minimal as rodent bait stations that require less service.

Rodent Warranty

Due to the nature of rodent infestation, Keller's Pest Control offers a rodent control warranty that can be renewed annually. In addition, you may be suggested an ongoing rodent control program, for example, rodent bait stations for control and population reduction.


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Rodent Control Frequently Asked Questions

Do rodents in Florida carry the Bubonic plague?

According to the Florida Department of Health, the last reported case of human plague occurred in Florida in 1920.  They caution that although the plague is not currently in Florida, the disease still remains a threat because of enzootic foci in the wild rodent populations of several western states.  There is always the possibility that animals infected with Y. pestis may be imported into areas of the state that have suitable flea vectors (including Xenopsylla cheopis).

Are mice and rats the same?

No. Although they look and act similarly, they are separate species of rodent.  Visit our Pest Library to learn more about rodents in our area.

What physical evidence might I see if rats or other rodents are on my property?

●       Burrows - 1 to 4-inch, smooth-edged holes located in dirt or concrete

●       Droppings - typically moist (if active in the area) and dark excrement that can usually be found near garbage.

●       Holes - holes are often paired with gnaw marks, can be found on plastic barrels and other weak areas of entrance

●       Runways - dark, greasy track marks created by the constant back and forth movement of rats

How much should I clean after rodent removal?

Clean, clean, and clean again. Consider hiring expert sanitation services because rodents carry a variety of diseases that can live and linger in their droppings.


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