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Located in the Gulf of Mexico is the picturesque Barrier Island of Anna Maria. Anna Maria Island is home to white sandy beaches, crystal blue waters, a laid-back lifestyle, and great people who are fortunate to call this Florida “island in the sun” home. Unfortunately, it is not just people that flock to this sunny, warm island. Many insects and other pests do as well. To protect your Anna Maria Island property from the year-round threat of Florida pests, partner with Keller’s Pest Control. Keller’s Pest Control offers exceptional pest control services that local home and business owners have come to depend upon to keep invasive, destructive and damaging pests away from their property and families. To learn more about protecting your residential or commercial property from wild animals, ants, spiders, mice, roaches, bed bugs, mosquitoes and more, get in touch with our helpful professionals today.

Residential Pest Control In Anna Maria Island, FL

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Protect your Anna Maria Island home from invasive pests through Keller’s residential pest control services that are not only guaranteed but are also tailored to meet your home’s specific needs. Pests can enter homes in a multitude of ways, including through spaces in the foundation, gaps found around windows and doors, through vents, by traveling through the chimney, inside packages, or on people or personal belongings. Keeping pests out of your home is difficult, so why not make your life a bit easier by letting the professionals at Keller’s do the hard work for you. Through Integrated Pest Management (IPM), our licensed and courteous professionals provide the eco-friendly services needed to rid homes of current pest problems and provide the regular services needed to keep them from returning. Contact us today to start protecting your home from pests through our wide variety of pest control services including ant control, rodent control and exclusion, bed bug control, termite control, flea and tick control, carpenter ant control, quarterly programs, guaranteed single treatments, exterior services, and accurate pest identification. To schedule your free estimate, give Keller’s Pest Control today.

Why You Should Leave Wildlife Control To The Pros In Anna Maria Island, FL

Bites, scratches, diseases, and destruction are just some of the reasons you should leave removing wildlife from your Anna Maria Island property or home up to the professionals at Keller’s Pest Control. Rodents, raccoons, bats, opossums, squirrels, armadillos, and snakes are all common home invaders that can cause the following in your home or on your property:

  • Damage to garbage cans, gardens, landscaping, lawns, and compost piles.
  • Damage to the exterior of your home; siding, wooden shingles, vents, window frames, roof shingles, etc.

  • Damage to wires, pipes, flooring, drywall, insulation, and other structural elements.

  • Damage to personal items such as clothing, shoes, upholstery, furniture, and pictures.

  • The introduction of diseases (including rabies), bacteria and parasites into your home.

  • The contamination of food and the surfaces of your home with urine and feces.

Trust the wildlife control experts at Keller’s Pest Control to remove unpredictable wild animals from your Florida property. Keller’s specializes in excluding, trapping, and keeping a variety of wild animals away from your family and business. Trust our 20 years of experience in removing wild animals from properties using humane techniques and methods. All animals are released unharmed in a sanctuary setting. To learn more about our wildlife control services, reach out to Keller’s today.

Commercial Pest Control In Anna Maria Island, FL

At Keller's Pest Control, we have a lot of experience protecting a wide variety of Florida businesses from the wide variety of insects, rodents, and wildlife that call Florida home. Our technicians are licensed and certified by the State of Florida, and continuously use only the latest techniques to ensure a pest-free environment in your Anna Maria Island business. We provide prompt service because we understand how serious and stressful it can be to maintain a pest-free commercial property. We even provide our commercial customers with their technician’s cell phone number so that if a problem arises between services we can quickly meet your needs. For even more peace of mind, know that our technicians always apply insecticides using industry best standards and practices in accordance with the manufacturer's label for all products applied, and our services are always guaranteed. Call us today so we can develop a customized pest control plan to meet your  business’s unique pest control needs.

Learn How To Avoid Bed Bugs In Anna Maria Island, FL

Bed bugs are nocturnal parasites that hide in dark cracks and crevices during the day and emerge at night to search for food sources (the blood of people and other mammals). To avoid coming into contact with bed bugs and accidentally introducing them into your home where they will hide within its cracks and crevices, emerging at night to feed on you and your family, our professionals want to offer some helpful tips:

  • Routinely vacuum floors, furniture, mattresses, and box springs.

  • Keep personal belongings off the floor of hotels, motels, and other public spaces.

  • Vacuum and wipe down suitcases after returning home from a trip.

  • After returning home, wash and dry on a high-heat setting all clothing brought with you immediately.

  • Place protective bed bug encasement covers on all mattresses and box springs in your home to limit hiding spots.

  • Do not purchase used furniture, box springs, and mattresses for use inside of your home.

If at any time bed bugs do find their way into your Anna Marie Island property, contact the bed bug control professionals at Keller’s Pest Control to completely rid your structure of bed bugs by using our Hydronic Heat System. To learn more about ridding your home of bed bugs through our thermal remediation process, give Keller’s a call today.

Why Every Anna Maria Island Home Needs Professional Mosquito Control

Professional mosquito control is one of the most helpful tools that Anna Maria Island homeowners can utilize around their properties. Some of the reasons for this include:

  • Seasonal nature: Mosquitoes are seasonal pests that will appear without fail every year. They are drawn to the warmth and moisture that Anna Maria Island deals with for a significant part of the year. Professional services are a highly effective way to combat these factors.
  • Lack of reliability of DIY methods: There are certain steps that people can take to make themselves less appealing to mosquitoes, but they’re not perfect. Though it might remove some attraction, it won’t get rid of the source of mosquitoes or stop them from coming.
  • Potential harm: While not all mosquitoes are a hazard to a person’s well-being, some of them are. Mosquitoes that have feasted on a sickly animal may be capable of spreading the pathogens that cause West Nile virus and Eastern equine encephalitis to people and heartworm to their cats and dogs. 
  • Attraction of other pest problems: If mosquitoes aren’t dealt with properly, they might lure other pests that eat them. Some of the pests that prey on mosquitoes include various pest birds, spiders, and bats. 

For more information on mosquito control in Anna Maria Island, call Keller’s Pest Control today.

Identifying Flea Bites In Anna Maria Island

Fleas are a difficult pest to identify in Anna Maria Island. They often hide themselves amid pet fur or upholstered items. Many people need a magnifying glass to spot them, but the damage that they inflict can be much bigger. 

Fleas are parasites that feed on animals and people. During this process, they can be the source of anemia, skin infections, and murine typhus. In order to address these issues properly, it’s important to identify their bites correctly as well. Here are a few indications of a flea bite:

  • A significant number of bites around the arms and ankles
  • Red swollen bites that are a little lumpy
  • Bites that go away in a few days on people but a hive-like rash that can last for weeks
  • There may be a halo around the bite site
  • Skin infections that may develop as a result of excessive scratching

Take into consideration if you have cats or dogs, or have noticed an increase in wildlife or rodent activity on your property, as these factors can contribute to flea activity. Because flea bites can be mistaken for other types of bites, like bed bug bites, and because they are capable of introducing health risks, the best approach to dealing with them is professional assistance. For more information on reliable flea control, call Keller’s Pest Control today.

Common Types Of Rodents Found Around Anna Maria Island

Rodents are a family of pests that can bring both property damage and health issues to the Anna Maria Island area. They are known chewers that can ruin insulation, shred electrical cords, and make cracks in foundations bigger than they already are. Additionally, their fecal matter and urine can spread the pathogens that cause hantavirus and salmonellosis, amongst other issues. Here are some of the area’s most common types of rodents:

  • Rats: These oblong, potato-shaped rodents have long hairless tails that are often the size of their bodies. Rats are very good at climbing but may also use the sewer system to enter homes. The two most common types in the area are the Norway rat and the roof rat.
  • Mice: House mice are a very common rodent in the area and are determined to get inside homes once they’re onto the scent of food. They can fit through openings the size of a pen cap and have very small, often gray-brown fuzz covering their bodies. 
  • Squirrels: This type of rodent is easy to identify with its gray or brownish coloring and big fluffy tail. Squirrels may easily scamper up trees and forage for nuts to eat. They are also very good at using their hands and will do so to rummage for food. 

At Keller’s Pest Control, we provide comprehensive rodent control that can eliminate active populations and keep new ones from appearing. For more information on these services, please call us today.

What Anna Maria Island Residents Need To Know About Plaster Bagworms 

Given how common plaster bagworms are in the Anna Maria Island area, there are a few important things that residents of the area ought to know. Those include:

  • Plaster bagworms can be spotted hanging upside down in their gray protective coverings. 
  • They are not dangerous in this form; however, they can bring damage to any properties that they’ve inhabited. Bagworms bring damage to materials such as silk, wool, and upholstery.
  • While in their larval state, bagworms feed off of things like spider webs.
  • These pests go through three stages before emerging as the adult moths that they become. It often takes them approximately three months to fully mature.

For more information on plaster bagworm control, call Keller’s Pest Control today.


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