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hornet in a residential garden

How Dangerous Are The Hornets Around My Parrish Property?


There are many different kinds of stinging insects. From bees to wasps to hornets, it’s important to learn to protect yourself and your family. Many homeowners don’t know a lot about hornets. What separates these stinging insects from others? How dangerous are they, exactly? How can you keep them off your property? Let’s take a closer look.... Read More

a cockroach on a counter top

Are Cockroaches In Lakewood Ranch Dangerous?


Cockroaches are some of the worst spreaders of disease in the whole world. Their hairy and slimy bodies are perfect for attracting dirt and dander, and the mere presence of cockroaches in a home can worsen allergies and asthma.... Read More

a small deer tick in the palm of a hand

What To Do If A Tick In Lakewood Ranch Bites You


It’s not hard to see why ticks are some of Lakewood Ranch’s most despised outdoor pests. About 2-6 millimeters long at maturity, ticks are classified as a type of parasitic arachnid, and not an insect as commonly thought. Their eight legs, tiny bodies, and brown to black coloration patterns make this creature difficult to spot even while attached to the skin.... Read More

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