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How Do Spiders Get Inside Florida Homes?


Unfortunately, for many Florida residents, these higher average temperatures mean that the insect pests that may go away in northern states during the fall and winter, are much more likely to remain active all year long in the Sunshine State. When insects stick around longer, you can be sure spiders will, too.... Read More

bed bug

How to Keep Bed Bugs Out in 2019


The holiday season is upon us, and that means our days are becoming incredibly busy. No one wants to add anything else to their already over-packed schedule but, for the sake of your future sanity, you may want to add just one thing to your to-do list: Keep an eye out for Bed Bugs.... Read More

flea biting skin

Dangers Fleas Bring to Florida Residents and Pets


Seasonal fluctuations in pest activity and populations are pretty normal. Many pests thrive in the hot, humid weather of summer and tend to slow down in the winter. However, when you live in a place like Florida, where the weather rarely gets truly cold, pests tend to thrive no matter the season.... Read More

raccoon up close

Preparing Your Home Against Fall Wildlife Problems


We’re finally getting to the time of year when it’s pleasant to be outside again. Summer was hot, humid, and sometimes unbearable, but now the temperature has dropped just enough to make the outdoors enjoyable once more. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks this way. Some wildlife pests take this change in temperature as a sign that they need to find lodging in an indoor environment that’s warm, dry, and offers a steady food so... Read More

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