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two bed bugs crawling on bedding

What Smells Do Bed Bugs In Naples Hate?


Bed bug infestations can prove to be nearly impossible to prevent, especially for homeowners in Naples. Frequent vacations and the upcoming holiday season will spur their spread, among other things. Proper bed bug control can be hard to execute, especially without formal training.... Read More

up close image of a mouse looking for food in a kitchen

The Secret To Effective Rodent Control In Manatee County


Rodents are rarely a welcome sight in the home, especially for Manatee County homeowners. Rats, mice, and the occasional squirrel are bothersome mammals that can’t let well enough alone. Many residential and commercial property owners are concerned about the possibility of infestation, especially during the cooler months.... Read More

up close image of a brown banded cockroach

How to Keep Smokey Brown Cockroaches Out of My Manatee County Home?


Cockroaches are opportunistic scavengers that regularly create problems for property owners throughout Florida as they seek sources of food, water, and shelter. They are generally social creatures that leave a chemical trail of pheromones that are detected by others and often result in large infestations.... Read More

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