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swarmers on a tree branch

What Termite Season Means For Lakewood Ranch Homes


It’s termite season! Let’s be honest though, every day of every month is termite season. Termites are one of the few species on earth that never sleep. They eat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ravaging homes from the inside out. They can live in colonies near, or in, our homes, often going undetected for months or even years. When we talk about “termite season” we are talking about swarming. Termites swarm in late winter... Read More

covid 19 magnified image of virus

Fighting Coronavirus: COVID-19


At Keller’s, we understand the concerns customers are having during this unprecedented time. Protect your employees and customers with a proactive approach to disinfecting. Keller’s can rapidly and effectively disinfect your facility by covering your whole building.... Read More

a paper wasp crawling on a nest

Getting Ready For The Return Of Paper Wasps In Bradenton 


Paper wasps are considered to be the garden helpers of the stinging insect world. While not necessarily absolved from stinging or hostile behavior, this species of wasp is far less aggressive than its cousins the yellow jacket and hornet. The closer the fall season gets, the more aggressive paper wasps become as they run out of food sources and begin to die off.... Read More

ants crawling on the sand

Stopping Ants From Marching Into Your Lakewood Ranch Home


Ants in Florida can be frustrating, partly because there is such a variety of them. We have ants that bite us when we're trying to enjoy time in our backyards. All these ants have different things that attract them. Understanding what attracts them can help you reduce your ant problems.... Read More

flies on food in bradenton fl home

Three Things Every Bradenton Resident Ought To Know About Flies


There isn’t a single person born and raised here in Bradenton that has not dealt with flies. They are everywhere: at the park, in the woods, even inside our homes. It seems no matter where we go, flies want to join in on our fun. They land on party platters at family gatherings, they bite us when we are camping, and worse of all, they land on TV screens while we are trying to relax. The only question is, what can we do about them? Here a... Read More

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