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a flesh biting bed bug crawling on the clean white linens of a florida residents bedding

How to Tell If Your Florida Home Has Bed Bugs


Bed bugs are definitely making a surge here in Florida.  They don’t care about cleanliness, they just care about finding blood from a host to feed on. They may not be extremely dangerous, but some people may develop a secondary infection or experience anxiety from the bed bug infestation.... Read More

a buzzing mosquito bitting the bare skin of a florida resident

Why to Call Keller’s Pest Control for Mosquitoes Around Your Home


When it comes to mosquito control, professional treatment is the way to go. DIY treatments will put only a small dent in your mosquito problems. Eliminating water sources and using repellent is a great start, but once you get a taste of how professional control works, you’ll see how much better the outcome is.... Read More

spider on ground

How Do Spiders Get Inside Florida Homes?


Unfortunately, for many Florida residents, these higher average temperatures mean that the insect pests that may go away in northern states during the fall and winter, are much more likely to remain active all year long in the Sunshine State. When insects stick around longer, you can be sure spiders will, too.... Read More

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