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What Are Wood Destroying Organisms & Why Is An Inspection Necessary?

Wood destroying organisms, are defined as arthropods or plant life that can infest decaying, or “seasoned”, wood and cause damage to a structure. A short list of the most common occurring WDO are: termites, powder post beetles, old house borers, and wood-decaying fungi. The thing with WDO is you may not notice the damage until the repair costs reach into the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. A WDO inspection helps identify damage, and potential damage, caused by different types of wood destroying organisms. The inspections are crucial in determining if you have a pest problem, or something bigger. In fact, wood destroying organisms are such an issue in Florida, you may be required to have an inspection if you are buying or selling a home.   WDO inspections shouldn’t only be performed when buying or selling a home. Homeowners should schedule an inspection if they are concerned that wood destroying organisms are present in their homes or if they simply want peace of mind. window attacked by wood destroying organisms

Keller’s WDO Inspection & Reporting Services

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Keller’s Pest Control performs WDO inspections to a “T”. We follow the strict guidelines given by the state of Florida’s Department of Agriculture, which are outlined in from DACS-13645. In general, we:

  • Look for visual signs of wood destroying organisms.
  • Note the type and location of the organism(s) found.
  • Provide/note evidence of WDO (e.g. live/dead wood-destroying insects, frass, mud tubes, exit holes, etc.).
  • Note the visual damage caused by the WDO.

If the inspection comes back clean, we will complete and provide the report mentioned above.

If the inspection reveals subterranean termites and/or other wood destroying organism activity, we will complete the report and develop a treatment quote, focusing on the specific problems noted. All reports conducted are reviewed same day and on-site.

Why Schedule A WDO Inspection With Keller's Pest Control

As with all services offered by Keller’s Pest Control, we approach WDO inspections seriously and kindly. Meaning, we will provide an extensive inspection, not cutting corners or inflating issues, and provide the good old-fashioned customer service Keller’s has become known for. We are a local business, providing local services to people we see every day. We have built a relationship with the community throughout the years and with that, have built trust. 


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WDO Inspection Frequently Asked Question

What is the difference between a WDO Inspection and WDI Inspection?

WDO and WDI are very similar. The main difference is that WDO searches for all Wood Destroying Organisms, including plants, while WDI looks for Wood Destroying Insects.

What does a WDO report tell a buyer?

A WDO report lets a buyer know if the structure has been damaged by wood destroying organisms and/or if there are wood destroying organisms present.

Does dry rot make wood look like a checkerboard?

Yes, it does! Dry-rotting wood can cause patterns and splits that form a checkerboard pattern.

What are the signs of a subterranean termite infestation?

  • Mud tubes
  • Swarmers (the winged termites looking for a mate to start a new colony with)
  • Wood damage

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