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In addition to irritating mosquito bites, mosquitoes have the ability to transmit serious diseases to people and pets.  While it is impossible to bring the mosquito population to zero, it is possible to implement a mosquito treatment program that significantly reduces their numbers and the risk they pose.  If your family enjoys spending time outdoors or if your commercial operation has customer interactions outdoors, make it more enjoyable with Keller's professional mosquito control services in Bradenton.

Mosquito Treatment Options

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Keller’s Pest Control offers mosquito control options that have been designed to fit your needs and budget. 

Monthly Mosquito Control
Here in Florida, mosquito season is year-round.  That means ongoing mosquito control is a must! At Keller’s Pest Control, our team of pest control experts understand mosquito biology and behavior.  We know where mosquitoes hide during the day and we know where mosquitoes breed.  More importantly, we have the tools and equipment to bite back against these annoying and potentially dangerous pests.  When you contact Keller’s for help getting rid of mosquitoes in your backyard or around your business, we’ll inspect your property for potential mosquito hiding and breeding sites and treat the sites, eliminating adult mosquitoes and mosquito larvae respectively.

One-Time Mosquito Treatments
In addition to ongoing mosquito control, Keller’s offers one-time mosquito treatments ideal for outdoor weddings, family reunions, corporate events, etc.  If you’re worried about guests being carried away by these biting pests, give us a call.  We’ll visit your venue 1-3 days prior to perform a treatment that will significantly reduce the number of mosquitoes flying around on the day of the event. outdoor party venue

Why Choose Keller's For Mosquito Control

  • Keller’s Pest Control has been providing mosquito control in Sarasota and Bradenton since our inception, over 20 years ago.
  • We only employ professional and certified technicians, that have been trained to assess and directly treat the issue.
  • We use only the highest-quality products and materials and follow strict safety guidelines.
  • We offer state-of-the-art techniques, such as the Mistaway Automatic Misting System, that makes your service nearly worry-free.
  • At Keller's, we believe in good old-fashioned customer service, and hard work.  Enjoy service with a smile at prices that won't make you frown.

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Mosquito Control Frequently Asked Questions

Is year-round mosquito control necessary in Florida?

Absolutely, yes.  Florida has a year-round mosquito season and there are a plethora of mosquito types, including those that spread illness.

What mosquito-borne illnesses are present in Florida?

Florida is home to 4 different types of viruses called arboviruses, including Eastern and Western Equine Encephalitis, West Nile Virus, and St. Louis Encephalitis.

What mosquitoes carry the Zika virus?

The genus Aedes carries the Zika virus.

Do all mosquitoes bite?

No.  Only female mosquitoes bite.  A blood meal is required before depositing eggs in or near a body of water. 

Where do mosquitoes breed?

Mosquitoes breed in or near standing bodies of water.

Where do mosquitoes hide?

Typically, in shaded, wooded areas that hold moisture.

How can I avoid mosquito bites?

There are a few things you can do to lessen the chance of being bitten, including:

  • Wearing preventative clothing outdoors.  This includes long sleeve shirts and pants when possible.
  • Use mosquito repellent containing DEET.
  • Make sure to consistently drain anything around your house that can hold water including but not limited to; garbage cans & lids, plant pots, wheelbarrows, bird baths, children’s toys, buckets, etc.
  • Flush deck-o pool drains often.
  • Make sure windows are closed and sealed with a screen.

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