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One of the best things about Myakka City, Florida, is the natural habitat accessible to people. This includes Myakka River State Park and Lake Manatee State Park. Doesn't just reading those names make you wish you were out in the warm sun walking by the water? With the weather in Florida, it is easy to be outside all year round, but this also means pests can thrive year-round as well. Unlike other states, Floridians don't get a break from insects and wildlife in the winter!

Keller's Pest Control is committed to Myakka City and surrounding areas because we believe pests shouldn't be a problem for anyone. We provide both commercial and residential plans to remove and prevent pests. Since 1996, we have continuously made an effort to keep up with the latest technologies and treatments to ensure our customers get the services they deserve. Our experience and expertise are what's needed to get the job done right. Learn more about our services by contacting us by phone or the contact form on our website. We are standing by, ready to help you with all your pest needs.

Residential Pest Control In Myakka City, FL

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What do you want out of your pest control services? Do you want a company that applies general solutions to your property? Or do you want your needs heard and used to make a tailored plan just for you? We're going to take a guess and say you want the second option. And to that, we say, don't look further than Keller's Pest Control!

Myakka City Home Pest Solutions

At Keller's Pest Control, we offer three different approaches to home  pest control services. After your initial inspection, one of our knowledgeable technicians will help you decide the best plan for you. These plans are the Pest Protection Basic, Pest Protection Plus, and Pest Protection Complete. Services may include:

  • Quarterly Pest Service

  • Exterior Treatment, Interior Upon Request

  • Pest Free Guarantee

  • 20+ Common Pests Covered

  • Spider Web Removal

  • Annual Attic Treatment

  • Exterior Rodent Stations

  • Ant Control 

  • Interior And Exterior Flea Control 

  • Drywood Termite Spot Treatments 

  • Preventative Subterranean Termite Treatment 

  • With Lifetime Re-treatment Warranty

We also offer one-time-only pest services that cover one individual pest concern!

Don't wait to get assistance with pests on your residential property because the longer you wait, the more damage they will do. Instead, contact Keller's Pest Control today so that we can get your pest problems under control!

Commercial Pest Control In Myakka City, FL

All it takes is one pest infestation on a commercial property to run a business. At Keller's Pest Control, we understand that infestations can happen quickly and seemingly out of nowhere and we believe hardworking people shouldn't have their livelihood ruined by something out of their control.

Myakka City Commercial Pest Solutions

To assist the businesses that make our community what it is, we work quickly and discreetly to help you maintain your reputation. We also offer custom solutions to fit your company's needs because every business is different with specific needs. Your custom-designed commercial program may reflect the following:

  • A thorough inspection, both inside and outside the building and the surrounding property, identifies existing pest pressures and conducive conditions.
  • A custom pest control program based around customer-specific needs and budget. This includes choosing the frequency of visits and the services needed to get your pest issue under control.


  • A dedicated pest control technician will return regularly to provide services determined during the development stage and identify any conducive conditions.


Learn more about how Keller's Pest Control can help your commercial property stay pest-free by giving us a call or filling out the contact form on our website. One of our qualified technicians will get you started with the necessary commercial pest control services.

Myakka City's Helpful Guide To Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes can be unbearable to deal with, and no matter how many citronella candles you light or how many bottles of bug spray you use, these pesky flying insects just don't seem to go away. To help, the experienced professionals from Keller's Pest Control created a helpful guide.

  • Eliminate all breeding sites. Mosquitoes only need a few inches of standing water for breeding. On your Myakka City property, standing water can be in the form of clogged gutters, birdbaths, ponds, planters, and improper yard drainage.

  • Mosquitoes don't like the shaded areas on your property because it removes possible hiding places. You can maintain the area by keeping the lawn mowed, hedges trimmed and removing excess foliage.

  • Plants such as marigolds, lavender, citronella, catnip, basil, and rosemary can help deter mosquitos.

  • Natural predators like spiders, birds, and bats on your property can help keep mosquito populations down.


You don't have to live with mosquitoes on your Myakka City property because Keller's Pest Control has the knowledge needed to get rid of them. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with effective mosquito control.

Why Can't I Get Rid Of These Spiders In My Myakka City Home?

One spider in your home usually isn't a big deal, but you have to remember spiders can lay an egg sac with hundreds of spiders that can soon be creeping around your home. So, are you wondering why you can't get rid of spiders in your home? The experts at Keller's Pest Control are here to give you some answers:

  • If you have clutter in your home, you might not be able to reach all the places spiders are spinning their webs, making complete removal ineffective.

  • Even if you get rid of all the spiders, they will continue to get in if you don't seal entry points.

  • There may be an underlying moisture issue that is attracting spiders to your home.

  • If your home is conducive to other insects, then spiders are sure to follow!


Don't be afraid of spiders in your Myakka City home. Call Keller's Pest Control and we will assess your property to detect why you are having spider issues. This allows us to get rid of them for good!


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