Four No-Sweat Spider-Prevention Tips For Bradenton Properties

Spiders in the region around Bradenton can leave painful wounds on the skin and present a medical threat to residents. While spiders have some benefits, it is far better to not have them too close to your home (or, worse, inside your home). Today, we're going to offer up four of our best, no-sweat spider-prevention tips. If you live in Bradenton, these tips can help you reduce the threat spiders can pose to you and your family.

1. Get Rid Of Webs

house spider on floor

If you see a spider web in your home or in your yard, remove it as quickly as possible. Why? Because spider webs can have egg sacs on them, and egg sacs can have as many as 300 eggs in them. The last thing you want is for those eggs to hatch inside your home or near the exterior of your home.

  • On the inside of your home, use a spider web-removal tool attached to a wooden dowel to get webs in the upper corners of your rooms. A broom can work for low ceilings. After you've cleaned the webs out, be sure to destroy any eggs on the tool by dipping it in a bleach-and-water solution.

  • On the outside of the home, you'll need a much longer pole to reach your roofline. A broom can be used to get low-lying webs. Destroy the eggs by dipping the tool in your bleach-and-water solution when you're done.

  • Consider investing in residential pest control. At Keller's Pest Control, we offer spider web removal even in our Basic Pest Protection plan.

2. Reduce Insects

Spiders come into yards to feed on insects. They'll set up webs by exterior trash receptacles, light fixtures, in the vegetation of landscaping, and in other key locations. When you reduce insects, you also reduce spiders.

  • Keep your trash receptacles clean. This reduces smells that attract insects.

  • Keep your bagged trash in receptacles. Insects can smell open trash from a distance.

  • Reduce light around your home at night. Many insects are attracted to light. If you don't need lights on, keep them off.

  • Replace white lights with yellow lights. Yellow light is more resistant to insects.

  • Keep your shades drawn and your blinds closed to prevent light from pouring out of your windows at night.

  • Keep your landscape vegetation trimmed neatly and remove any vegetation that is unnecessary.

  • Reduce moisture around your home by cleaning gutters. Many insects and invertebrates are drawn to damp habitats. Many spiders are as well.

  • Consider investing in residential pest control. At Keller's Pest Control, we provide routine treatments for residents in Bradenton. These treatments work to reduce insects and invertebrates, and also the spiders that eat them.

3. Reduce Hiding Places

Have you ever noticed a spider web in an old tire, a cinder block, or a wood box? Some spiders love to establish themselves in voids and inside holes. If you remove hiding places, you can reduce spiders.

  • Remove objects from your yard that spiders could hide inside, especially objects that are near your exterior walls.

  • Rake leaves and sticks up and away from your Bradenton home.

  • Move firewood stacks away from your home and elevate them.

  • Fill in ground holes.

  • Consider residential pest control. Sometimes there isn't much you can do about the hiding places that spiders use. When you have routine treatments applied to key areas around your home, you don't have to worry as much about stowing objects away or working hard to remove hiding places in your landscaping.

4. Seal Your Exterior Walls And Foundation

There are many ways that spiders commonly get into homes. If you remove potential pathways, you can deter spiders from getting in.

  • Seal gaps around door and window frames and damaged screens.

  • Seal holes created by wood-destroying pests.

  • Seal crack in your foundation walls and gaps around pipes.

  • Seal gaps around all foundation penetrations.

  • Install weephole protectors if you live in a brick home.

  • Consider residential pest control. While it is certainly worth the effort to seal your exterior, it is a lot of work. Routine pest management around your home can help to keep spiders and other pests out of your home until you find the time to roll up your sleeves and seal those entry points.

If you have questions about spider control in Bradenton, connect with us right here on our webpage. We're here to help you with all your pest control needs. If you'd like to schedule service for your property, we can do that as well. Reach out to us today.