Everything You Need To Know About House Spider Control In Bradenton

With chevron markings that cover their bodies, a house spider’s coloring can vary from dark brown to gray, and these pests prefer to hang around your home if they can. Like any other spider, house spiders have fangs filled with venom – but their bite is only dangerous for their insect prey and utterly harmless to humans.

Harmless or not, most Bradenton homeowners don’t like house spiders hanging around. Here’s what you should know about where house spiders hide, how you can prevent them from coming inside your home, and what to do if you’ve already got a house spider problem in your Bradenton home.

Where Do House Spiders Like To Hide In Bradenton, FL?

house spider in basement

Although you may see a house spider scurry across the bathtub or the kitchen floor, these pests prefer to stay out of sight when they can. Most of the time, house spiders are fond of well-hidden, low-activity areas of your home where they can hunt for food and water.

Areas like storage areas, basements, garages, sheds, or even light fixtures all make popular hiding spots for house spiders. Parts of your house that may be cluttered, like storage areas, also provide these spiders with plenty of hiding opportunities.

If you’re noticing more house spiders in plain sight, there’s usually a reason for it. They may be hunting for their own pest prey, but visible house spiders can also be a sign that they’ve outgrown their habitat and are looking for a new place to hide.

How To Prevent House Spiders In Bradenton, FL

While it’s normal to spot the occasional spider, constantly seeing house spiders can be a problem – but it is preventable. Here are some tips for keeping house spiders away from your Bradenton home:

  • Deal with other pest problems: If they’re going to live in your home, house spiders need a food source. They’re often drawn to houses where there’s already an existing pest problem. House spiders are fond of flies, mosquitoes, and even roaches, so keeping these other pests out of your home will go a long way toward deterring house spiders.

  • Clean up cluttered areas: House spiders love clutter because it gives them more places to hide. Regularly clearing out storage areas and keeping your home organized will limit their hiding spots.

  • Get rid of house spider entry points: House spiders need a way to get in, so it’s important to seal up potential entrances. You can use caulk or other sealants to get rid of tiny cracks or crevices in the foundation of your home, replace torn or ripped window and door screens, and apply caulk around wires and other cables that may lead inside.

  • Regularly clean and vacuum your home: Spiders may lay their eggs or egg sacs around your house. Performing a deep clean of your home, especially vacuuming, can get rid of spider webs and egg sacs that may be lying around your home.

  • Keep outdoor lights off: Outdoor lights can attract other pests, like moths, that may also bring house spiders to your home.

  • Inspect yard debris and other items before bringing them in: While some house spiders may use tiny gaps or cracks to get inside, it’s also possible to bring these pests in by accident. Yard debris provides house spiders with another hiding spot. It’s crucial to inspect any items or belongings for evidence of spiders before you bring them inside your home.

  • Keep food in airtight containers: Food that’s been left out may draw in other pests that will end up attracting house spiders.

All of these steps will help to minimize the risk of spiders in your Bradenton home.

The Most Effective Form Of House Spider Control In Bradenton, FL

Practicing the prevention tips above is a great way to help keep house spiders away. Still, if you’re already dealing with an existing problem, these critters may not be keen on leaving – especially if you’ve got another pest problem they’re feeding on.

This is where professional assistance from Keller’s Pest Control can come in handy. We’ve been servicing the Bradenton area since 1996, and our excellent reputation speaks for itself. If you think you’ve got a house spider problem lurking around your Bradenton home, there’s no need to wait – call us at Keller’s Pest Control today to request your free estimate or to schedule an inspection.