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a black widow dangerous spider crawling on a web

Why Are There Spiders In My Manatee County Home?


There is no such thing as a good pest in your Manatee County home. Even when the pest is somewhat beneficial to the environment, they still don't belong inside. One such pest is the spider, which is known to prey on those annoying insects that aim to get inside. ... Read More

spider on wall

Is It A Cellar Spider Or Daddy Long Legs Hanging Around Your Lakewood Ranch Basement?


Are you seeing long-legged spiders in your basement? If you are, it isn't surprising. Most Lakewood Ranch cellars and basements have long-legged spiders. They're called long-bodied cellar spiders and there are several species of these spiders in the United States. But you might call them daddy longlegs. Many people do. Here's how you can tell the difference between long-bodied cellar spiders and daddy longlegs.... Read More

a brown widow spider crawling throu a lakewood ranch home late into fall season

The Little-Known Lakewood Ranch Spider: The Brown Widow


When you think of unwanted spiders that may find their way into your Florida home, you properly first think of black widow spiders and brown recluse spiders. These are the two most dangerous spiders that you can encounter, but they aren’t the only ones.... Read More


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