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ants swarming a piece of fruit

How Ant Infestations Start In Bradenton Homes


Ants aren’t easy to deal with. It can seem like no matter what spray or bait trap you use, you can’t stop these nuisance pests from crawling around in your kitchen. Once ants infest your home, they can be extremely hard to get rid of. But you might be wondering how these pests manage to get indoors in the first place. That’s why you need to know how ant infestations start in Bradenton homes. ... Read More

ants crawling on the sand

Stopping Ants From Marching Into Your Lakewood Ranch Home


Ants in Florida can be frustrating, partly because there is such a variety of them. We have ants that bite us when we're trying to enjoy time in our backyards. All these ants have different things that attract them. Understanding what attracts them can help you reduce your ant problems.... Read More

a large colont of tiny ghost ants crawling up a window in a bradenton florida home

Common Bradenton Ants: Ghost Ants Vs. Fire Ants


Ants come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are large, others are small. Some have bright colors, others are grey or black. Today we will be talking about two small ant species that can pose big problems in and around your Bradenton home: the ghost ant, and the fire ant. You will learn how to tell these two common pests apart as well as learn a quick and easy ... Read More


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