Why Year-round Mosquito Control Is A Must For Parrish Yards


We have beautiful tropical weather to enjoy in Florida. But we sacrifice one thing for paradise; we have no real seasonal reprieve from nuisance insects like mosquitoes. The warm, humid air and lack of freezing temperatures means that the bugs that like it hot can stay active all year long. It’s smart for homeowners to be on top of proper mosquito control and it’s important to know what works and what is just a waste of time.

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Mosquitoes: A Year-round Nuisance

Not only are bugs in the home an unsightly nuisance that can lead to itchy bites, but mosquitoes can be far more dangerous than just being an annoyance. These flying insects are legendary transmitters of diseases. Parasites like the kind that cause malaria, or viruses like ebola, often are spread by mosquito populations. Therefore, proper prevention is about more than just keeping unsightly bugs out of your home, it’s about making sure you and your loved ones are safe from the health risks that go hand-in-hand with mosquito infestations.

The Varying Degrees Of At-Home Prevention

Because of their prevalence in the Southern United States, people have all kinds of handy, at-home tricks to try to drive mosquitoes away. Some are effective and others are a waste of time, but none of them provide the same kind of assurance as professional solutions. Here are some of the most common household methods:

  • Effective: Moisture control is the best one. Eliminating standing water in or around your home, as well as keeping proper plumbing and ventilation to avoid moisture buildup, will reduce the factors that attract mosquitoes.
  • Mildly effective: Sprays and candles, like citronella solutions found in stores, can be partially effective at driving mosquitoes away or keeping them off you. Problem is, you have to keep buying these items to keep them at bay.
  • Not effective: These range from smoke-repellents like tiki torches to unproven digital tactics like sonic emitters and smartphone apps. Despite what some people might tell you, there’s no magic thing to download that will drive away mosquitoes. A smoke in your yard is more likely to drive them into your home rather than keep them out for any length of time.

Professional Pest Control Is The Way To Go

Proven, professional solutions are the only way to truly get rid of mosquitoes and keep them gone. One-time solutions are great for eliminating immediate mosquito problems, but year-round treatments and prevention methods provide total peace of mind that your property is pest-free. Your hard-earned dollars will be used for things that actually work, and you won’t be wasting money on partially (or non) effective store-bought products. Plus you let our trained experts do all the work!

Contact Keller’s Pest Control Today

At Keller’s Pest Control, we specialize in the kinds of pests that plague Florida homes year-round, including mosquitoes. Whether you own a home or business, we can help with effective, affordable mosquito abatement services. We offer initial inspections that identify the roots of any pest problem and then implement treatments. Our ongoing services make sure that the exterior of your home -- where pest problems typically start -- stays pest-free. Then we will continue to work with you on prevention methods in and around your home. Whether temporary or routine, all of our services are backed by a satisfaction guarantee, so you have peace of mind for your purchase, not just lofty claims.

Rather than worrying about pests and the health risks they bring, you should be enjoying the palm trees and coastal breeze. Don’t let mosquitoes put a damper on the otherwise idyllic lifestyle that comes with our lives in the sun. Turn to Keller’s Pest Control for mosquito prevention and control in Parrish.

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