What's The Best Way To Get Rid Of Silverfish In My Naples Home?


What's small, silver, and quick like a fish? If you guessed silverfish, you'd be correct. Silverfish are common nuisance pests found in and around residential properties. Today we'll discuss what silverfish look like and how to prevent silverfish from infesting your Naples home.

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What Is A Silverfish?

Silverfish are one of the oddest-looking pests to invade residential properties. Upon seeing these pests, many homeowners may ask themselves, "what are silverfish?" Silverfish get their name from their scaled, silvery appearance and fish-like wriggling movements. Although these pests are generally about ½ to ¾ of an inch in length, they may be slightly larger or smaller depending on their maturity. They are wingless insects with teardrop-shaped bodies and three appendages extending from the back of their abdomens. Silverfish commonly invade homes seeking food and moisture. Warm, moist crawl spaces and basements attract these annoying pests. 

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Is it Dangerous To Have Silverfish In My House?


Despite their interesting appearance and quick movements, silverfish are not dangerous pests to have in your Naples home. You don't have to worry about disinfecting a silverfish bite since these pests are not known to bite humans or animals. However, this doesn't mean you want to find these insects in or around your property.
While silverfish are nuisance pests and pose no threat to your health, chewing through materials containing starches and proteins can cause property damage. These insects may chew holes in some fabrics, eat through book bindings, and consume the glue holding wallpaper to your walls. In addition, silverfish may contaminate pantry items, such as grains, cereals, and flour. 

Even though silverfish are not dangerous, they can cause damage to your home and belongings. Call Keller's Pest Control to safeguard your home.

How Do Silverfish Get Into Homes?

Silverfish invade residential properties while foraging for food and sources of moisture. They often infest homes with plenty of entry points around the foundation, windows, and exterior doorways. The first step you should take to prevent silverfish is eliminating all possible entry points. Here are a few ways to minimize the number of silverfish that invade your Naples home. 

  • Replace torn window screens 
  • Install a door sweep on all exterior doorways
  • Minimize moisture issues in your homes, such as dripping faucets and drains
  • Inspect your foundation for cracks and crevices, then seal any you find
  • Keep bathrooms well-ventilated
  • Store grains, cereals, and other food items in plastic containers

Although silverfish prevention tips are a great place to start, they don't come close to the effectiveness of professional pest control services. Contact Keller's Pest Control today for more details about our silverfish control options.

How Do I Get Rid Of Silverfish In My Home?

As with many pest problems, silverfish infestations won't just go away. Instead of allowing silverfish to destroy your personal belongings, partner with our professionals at Keller's Pest Control. With more than two decades of controlling and eliminating all kinds of pests, we have the experience necessary to get rid of your silverfish problem for good. We'll work with you to design a treatment plan that works for your home and family. 

It's our goal to ensure that current infestations are eliminated and prevent pests from invading in the future. Contact Keller's Pest Control today to experience ongoing pest control solutions that protect your Naples home year-round. 
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