The Trick To Effective German Cockroach Control In Bradenton


When we hear the term ‘cockroach,’ many of us think of big, rust-colored ‘beetles’ scurrying through our homes and lawns. However, there are many species of roach in Bradenton that look nothing like this, including the humble German cockroach.

German cockroaches differ from their American counterparts in several ways:

  • German cockroaches appear grey or greyish-brown in color 
  • Most German roaches are less than 1.6 centimeters long 
  • The wings of a German cockroach cover most of their carapace 

Although German roaches are not quite as large as other species, their adverse effects can be felt around the home. 

a german cockroach crawling on a wall inside a home

Problems With Bradenton Cockroaches

The German cockroach spends its time around sewer drains, dumpsters, alleyways, and other moist areas, collecting pathogens as they run. Because of this, these roaches may pose significant health dangers to both people and their pets. It’s a good idea to establish staunch prevention steps as soon as possible, especially in residential environments.

How To Prevent German Cockroach Infestations With Prevention Steps

If you have not yet experienced a German cockroach problem around your home or recently had an infestation eliminated with Keller’s Pest Control, it would be wise to start establishing some prevention steps as soon as possible.

Below are some of the most vetted tips for homeowners trying to stop German cockroaches from getting inside:

  • All potential entry points (including cracks and gaps around windows and doors) should be adequately sealed. Waterproof foam or a paint sealant should be applied regularly to reduce pest incursions.

  • Locate and repair any moisture issues inside the house. Pay close attention to pipes or drains that are not working correctly, and consider finding better methods of moisture reduction. Dehumidifiers and desiccant packets are excellent places to start.

  • Perform a deep cleaning and decluttering of your home, regularly removing unwanted items, boxes, furniture, and other clutter.

  • Keep the food in your home stored behind airtight bins. 

  • Garbage should be kept inside proper containers and taken out of the house frequently. 

These prevention tips are a great way to start your cockroach control journey. However, they may not be enough to eliminate growing problems on their own. If German cockroaches are beginning to become a nuisance around your Bradenton property, call Keller’s Pest Control right away.

Keller’s Pest Control Is Standing By To Take Your Call

With over 20 years of safe and affordable services, Keller’s Pest Control has been delivering value to homeowners all over the Bradenton area. Combining a decade of pest control experience with same-day emergency services, we can snuff out any encroaching problems within a few simple treatments.

We begin each of our cockroach treatments with a complete inspection of your home, carefully assessing the factors and attracting elements that could be bringing pests too close for comfort. Next, we will apply a treatment protocol that suits your needs, finding methods that meet your lifestyle needs without harming those you love. Finally, we will return to your property regularly to keep a close eye on cockroach activity and ensure that your infestation worries are gone for good.

Trusting Keller’s Pest Control is the best possible way to deal with a German cockroach infestation. For professional home pest control assistance, all year long, don’t hesitate to contact our team today. 

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