The Best Way To Protect Yourself From Sarasota County Mosquitoes


While swatting at mosquitoes may seem like just another part of summertime, these pests are more than just annoying or inconvenient – they’re also dangerous. The mosquitoes in Sarasota County have the potential to spread dangerous diseases like the Zika virus, dengue fever, West Nile virus, and even the chikungunya virus.

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Fortunately, there are ways to protect yourself from mosquitoes – here’s what you need to know about how to stop attracting mosquitoes, the best way to keep them off your property, and even how you can reduce mosquito bites.

What Attracts Mosquitoes In Sarasota County?

While the presence of mosquitoes may feel inevitable, certain factors could be attracting them to your property, such as:

  • Standing water: Mosquitoes like to use standing water on your property as breeding grounds, so you’ll want to get rid of troughs that may collect water, empty your gutters, and deal with any other drainage issues that may cause standing water.

  • Flowering plants and nectar: Mosquitoes eat nectar, so if you’re going to have flowering plants on your property, you may want to place the garden in an area that’s farther away from the house or add plants that naturally repel mosquitoes, like citronella, lavender, or peppermint.

  • Tall weeds and grass: During those hot summer days, mosquitoes are looking for shade just like people are, and they prefer to congregate in tall weeds, grass, and overgrown shrubs. To limit the number of mosquitoes that may use your yard for shelter, make sure to regularly mow your lawn, get rid of weeds, and trim shrubbery.

The Most Effective Form Of Mosquito Control In Sarasota County

While the steps above can help you reduce the number of mosquitoes on your property, it won’t completely eliminate the problem. If you’re still having issues with mosquitoes, it may be time to talk to the professionals – like those of us at Keller’s Pest Control.

We’ve got over twenty years of experience that we’re ready to share with Sarasota County residents, and our effective treatments won’t just significantly reduce mosquito activity around your property, but we’ll also deal with potential breeding grounds in your yard.

If you feel like you’re constantly fighting off mosquitoes on your Sarasota County property, don’t hesitate to call us at Keller’s Pest Control today to learn more about what we can do to reduce mosquito activity near your home.

How To Prevent Mosquito Bites In Sarasota County

Besides the steps you can take to reduce mosquitoes from congregating around your property, there are things you can do to help prevent them from biting you as well, including:

  • Avoid wearing dark-colored clothing as mosquitoes are more attracted to these colors.

  • Avoid being outside during mosquito “hotspot” times like dawn or dusk as this is when mosquitoes are most active and bites tend to be most common.

  • Limit areas of exposed skin by wearing long-sleeved shirts, pants, or even jackets.

  • Don’t wear scented perfumes or lotions as mosquitoes may be more attracted to certain scents.

  • If you need to spend extended time outside, make sure you apply insect repellant that has at least 25% DEET, and follow the instructions from the manufacturer.

Even with the preventative tips for mosquito bites, keep in mind that the best way to fight mosquitoes is with professional help like those of us at Keller’s Pest Control.

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