The Best Way to Keep Pests Out of Your Palmetto Restaurant


Restaurants are part of the lifeblood of America. They also can be the lifeblood of pest colonies, such as rodents, cockroaches, and flies. Restaurants can provide easy access to food and water for pests. But your Palmetto restaurant does not have to be the place pests hang out if you take some precautions. 

a palmetto florida restaurant protected year-round with commercial pest control

Why Restaurants Attract Pests

Pests are looking for anywhere they can get food, water, and shelter. Honest mistakes by employees or customers can lead to big attracting factors:

  • Food traces: Pests looking for a meal can benefit from improper food storage, spills, or traces left behind after hasty cleaning. With heightened senses of smell and chemical receptors to detect food traces, some pests are specifically adapted to find leftovers.
  • Water: All animals need water to survive, so the constant running of water through pipes and down drains is attractive to gutter dwellers and pests that live in the walls and vents.
  • Shelter: Critters are also looking for warmth and protection from the weather. With so many access points and open areas, restaurants are some of the easiest structures to gain access to.

Pest Populations Can Spell Doom For A Restaurant

Once pests move in, they can quickly populate and outnumber the customers who are paying for their food and hospitality. This poses health risks since rats and roaches, flies and mosquitoes can all carry diseases that spread to customers and employees. Since they crawl all over serving surfaces and food, pests are uniquely able to quickly spread bacteria and parasites. 
There’s also the blow to your bottom line. Word of food contamination and skittering pests travel fast, especially in today's world of social media and review sites. A ruined reputation costs business, and it can also lead to additional health inspections and possibly a shutdown by federal and state health agencies.

Pest Prevention Measures

There are things you can do to reduce the risk of an infestation: 
The biggest one is to make sure the building is sealed up tight. No cracks in the walls or floors are too small for cockroaches. No crease or hole in a window screen is too small for a fly. 
Also important is to make sure you dispose of food properly in sealed bags and packaging, placed in secure dumpsters and trashcans. Keep a clean kitchen and lobby, as crumbs can be magnets for pests. 
Don’t leave open water in mop buckets or pots and buckets.
Be thorough and be diligent. Spending some money and time to fix the little issues will save you from the bigger costs of pest infestations.

Turn To Keller For Peace Of Mind

Pest prevention methods can help but if an infestation occurs, it’s best to not take a chance -- the longer the problem lingers, the more it can hurt business. Turn to professional pest control to help at the first signs of pest activity.
At Keller, we specialize in restaurant inspection and pest extermination. We know that finding the right solution for your schedule and customer-base is important, so we work with business owners to find ongoing programs that eliminate and prevent infestations. We’ve helped over 500 restaurants eliminate and prevent rodents, insects and other vermin from damaging or closing businesses. We can even have a restaurant ready for re-inspection within 24 hours after a failing grade.
Don’t risk the loss of your business and your livelihood, turn to Kellers for commercial pest control.

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