The Best Way To Keep Fleas & Ticks Away From Your Lakewood Ranch Property


Fleas and ticks are often grouped together because these two pests have something in common. Both of these pests are organisms that live on the outside of another living host. This is important to understand if you're looking to keep ticks and fleas out of your yard. The secret to reducing flea and tick populations is to reduce wildlife activity and harborage options.

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Common Wildlife In Lakewood Ranch

We have a variety of wildlife pests in our area. During the day, you'll see squirrels running around in your yard and birds perching in many places. These animals are active during the day. These are far from the only animals that will explore your yard. They're just ones you see. When the sun goes down, raccoons, opossums, bats, rats, and mice become active. All of these animals can bring fleas and ticks into your yard. Rats and mice are a particular threat because they can bring them into your home and spread them around to every floor. When an animal comes into your yard, it is looking for three of the basic necessities of life. They need water, food, and shelter. If you reduce these, you can reduce animal activity.

Management Of Water Resources

Make sure your gutters are doing their job. If water is being backed up and flowing over the side, it can saturate your foundation perimeter and produce puddles.
Remove objects from your yard that capture rainwater.

Management Of Food Resources

  • Put bagged trash in a covered container that cannot be knocked over.
  • Move bird feeders far from your exterior walls.
  • If you have a pet, refrain from feeding your pet outside.
  • Reduce insect populations by keeping lights off at night.
  • Use fencing to encompass food sources, such as gardens, berry bushes, and trees that bear fruit.

Management Of Shelter And Hiding Places

  • Remove objects that animals can hide under.
  • Keep your grass trimmed.
  • Remove unnecessary vegetation from your landscaping.
  • Use fencing to prevent animals from taking shelter underneath structures, such as your deck or stairs.
  • Use a caulking gun to seal gaps and holes in your exterior walls.
  • Replace damaged screens, door sweeps, door jams, and weatherstripping.

Direct Control Of Flea Habitats

When fleas or ticks drop off in your yard, they need moisture to develop. If you reduce moisture, you can reduce these pests.

  • Clean gutters are vital for moisture control.
  • Trim tree canopy to let the sun dry areas around your home that tend to stay dark and moist.
  • If you have dense vegetation, remove plants to allow air to flow through your plants and dry them after watering.
  • Water your plants in the early morning.

You And Your Pet

If you have a dog or cat, you are particularly susceptible to a flea or tick infestation. Consider your pet when you consider flea and tick control.

  • Speak with your veterinarian about a flea and tick collar for your pet. These collars don't provide complete protection but they are an important first step.
  • If you have a dog, and your dog does not have an outside play area that is protected by a fence, consider creating one. This reduces wildlife activity, and prevents your dog from picking ticks up in moist shaded places where they can be waiting for a host.
  • Do routine tick checks. Feel for bumps on the skin, check in the ears, and check between the toes.
  • If your pet begins to scratch, use a comb to check for flea dirt and fleas.

Professional Treatments

The best way to reduce fleas and ticks around your home is to invest in residential pest control. We can assist you with this if you live in Lakewood Ranch or the surrounding area. Contacts us today for a consultation.

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