Raccoon Invasion: How To Safeguard Your Manatee County Home From Unwanted Guests


If you call Manatee County, Florida home, be aware that masked bandits are finding their way to our properties, causing a mess! Raccoons are wild animals common in our area that have adapted to living near people and taking advantage of our properties' food, water, and shelter offerings. Why would they stumble through a marsh looking for food when they can turn over our trashcans or eat our pet’s food?

While raccoons may enjoy living with people, there are many good reasons homeowners need to safeguard their properties against these pests. The raccoon control experts at Keller’s Pest Control want to help you keep these unwanted animals away from your home and family; read on to learn about these wildlife intruders. 

raccoon on a roof digging

Understanding Raccoon Behavior: Key Insights Into Their Habits

One of the best ways to control raccoons in Manatee County is to better understand their habits, preferences, and behaviors. To help you learn about these pests, we have compiled some interesting facts and key insights about raccoons: 

  • They prefer to live in areas with plentiful shade near a reliable water source. 
  • Raccoons are nocturnal and do not have strong eyesight. They use their sensitive paws to gather information about their food and environment. 
  • Female raccoons typically give birth in the late spring or early summer and have two to seven babies (kits) at a time. One raccoon on your property can quickly turn into many.
  • Raccoons have paws with five toes; using their toes, they can manipulate objects. 
  • Using their paws, these animals can easily “break” into our homes through windows, vents, and chimneys. 
  • Though raccoons prefer to live outside, they like to use our homes (attics and wall voids) to give birth to their babies or escape harsh temperatures. 

Contact us today for more information about these wild animals, raccoon removal, or assistance keeping unwanted wildlife away from your property. 

Property Damage And Health Concerns: Risks Of Raccoon Infestations

The raccoon’s cute appearance often deceives people. Their furry bodies, eyes covered in a black mask, and ringed tails make us believe they are harmless. In nature, raccoons play an essential role in the ecosystem, but when living near people, raccoons are destructive, dangerous animals.

Like most other wild animals, raccoons are hosts for various parasites like fleas and ticks, which they introduce into our yards and homes. They are well-known for spreading rabies and are carriers of other diseases that spread illness to people. Their feces contains different bacteria that can also make people and animals ill. 

As if the health risks weren’t enough, raccoons are destructive. These omnivores dig up lawns and damage gardens and fruit trees as they forage for food. They tear through trash and compost, leaving behind a smelly mess that may attract more wildlife to your property. 

Effective Raccoon Prevention Strategies: Safeguarding Your Property

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure; being proactive is the best way to avoid issues with raccoons. Use the following prevention strategies to safeguard your property against raccoons:

  • Pick up fruits or vegetables that drop to the ground.
  • Place all trash bags into trash cans with locking lids.
  • Cut branches and shrubbery away from your house to limit their easy access to your home.  
  • Make sure windows, vents, and chimneys are secure and can keep out unwanted raccoon intruders. 

Despite your best efforts, raccoons can still become a problem on your property. Get rid of raccoons with our assistance; we are here to help you maintain a pest-free property!

Professional Raccoon Removal: Effective And Humane Solutions

Safeguarding your property against raccoons is vital to your family’s safety and maintaining your property. Raccoon removal is always best done by a professional; raccoons are wild animals and therefore unpredictable. Never try to trap and remove a raccoon on your own. 

At Keller’s Pest Control, our wildlife control experts understand raccoon behaviors, helping us successfully trap and remove them from your Manatee County property. Our humane raccoon removal services are what you need to take back your yard from these unwanted, messy, destructive pests.

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