Identifying And Getting Rid Of Crazy Ants In Your Naples Home


If there’s one pest more frustrating than other common home-invading pests, it’s crazy ants. These tiny insects are known for their erratic behavior and tendency to cause significant problems in the homes they infest.

To learn more about how to identify crazy ants and keep them away from your residential property in the future, continue reading. Or, for solutions to all your pest problems, big or small, partner with our skilled technicians at Keller’s Pest Control. We’re committed to delivering excellent ant control options to homeowners throughout our service area. With Keller’s Pest Control by your side, you can rest assured that your property will receive the best pest control in Naples! Reach out to us today to get started. 

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How To Identify A Crazy Ant

There are many ways to identify different types of ants, such as their appearance, habits, and behaviors. Let’s begin with a crazy ant. Crazy ants are one of the smallest home-invading ant species, ranging between 1/16 and 1/8 of an inch in length. They come in many colors, such as reddish-brown and grayish-black, with a dull blue iridescent sheen. 

However, you can usually identify crazy ants without looking closely at their appearance. Instead, their most identifying trait is their habit of acting “crazy” while foraging for food. These ants get their name from their frantic and erratic behavior. These pests frequently look for food sources in seemingly-random patterns without leaving a trail to and from their nests. Unfortunately, this crazy foraging habit is what makes crazy ants so challenging for homeowners to control and prevent. 

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Why Crazy Ants Are Worse Than Other Ants

Despite their small size, crazy ants can cause significant problems when they infest Naples's properties. But what makes this ant species more frustrating than other ants? One of the main challenges people face when handling a crazy ant infestation is how rapidly these ants can spread from your lawn to your home. Crazy ants have enormous colonies and few natural predators. These ants often force other ant species, including fire ants, to move out of the properties they infest.

Unlike many other ants, crazy ants don’t dig holes and tunnels to build their nests. Instead, they nest in preexisting cavities, such as holes in your walls, basements, and even your electronics. They often get into air-conditioning units and short-circuit them, causing them to break down repeatedly.

Without effective ant control services from a trusted pest control provider, crazy ants can be a nightmare. 

Factors That Attract Crazy Ants To Properties

There are two main reasons why crazy ants infest Naples's properties; to find food sources or seek shelter. Crazy ants love to nest in nooks and crannies found throughout your home, so removing entry points is your best shot at preventing an infestation. Keep these ant prevention tips in mind to protect your home from crazy ants:

  • Trim thick vegetation away from your exterior walls
  • Avoid leaving food items on your countertops
  • Keep pet food up off the ground when not in use
  • Seal utility openings made for wires and pipes
  • Install door sweeps
  • Use caulk to eliminate gaps around your doors and windows

No matter what methods you use to prevent crazy ants, they might still be on your property. The best ant control for homeowners is professional services from Keller’s Pest Control.

The Best Crazy Ant Control For Your Home

Whether looking for outdoor ant control or commercial ant control services, you can count on Keller’s Pest Control to provide excellent solutions. We work hard to eliminate pest problems so you can focus on what matters most. It’s our goal to stop existing infestations and prevent them from reoccurring in the future. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information about how we handle crazy ants

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