How To Keep Problematic Wildlife Away From Your Naples Property


Raccoons, pest birds, squirrels, and foxes are just four examples of familiar Naples wildlife creatures. Although these animals are interesting and almost cute to look at, they are rarely, if ever, a welcome sight inside the home.

Property-invading wildlife species can be frustrating to eliminate without professional assistance. Not only are they dangerous, but they may be destructive as well. For this reason, let's look at some ways to keep problematic animals far away from your home and business. 

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Wildlife Property Damages Explained

Animals that generally live in wild environments have been known to cause less-than-tame effects on the home, business, or lawn. Human health may be affected by bites, scratches, or other infections. Some wild animals carry secondary pests such as ticks and fleas, which have dangers and disease transfers. Finally, wild animals are highly destructive and may use their sharp teeth and strong claws to destroy wood, furniture, and drywall.

No wild animal should be welcome near your property. That's why professional wildlife control is always the correct choice for Naples homeowners.

Why Professional Wildlife Control Is The Right Answer

Most experts in the pest control field do not recommend the management of wild animals without professional assistance.

The first and most obvious reason for this is the aggressive nature of wildlife. When animals like raccoons, opossums, or squirrels feel trapped and cornered, they will strike out to protect themselves. This could lead to physical injury, as well as the spread of disease.

Although the dangers of wildlife creatures are undoubtedly formidable, they are not the only reasons why professional management needs are high. In many cases, the wildlife animals around your home or business will be protected by state law. Here in Florida, many animals cannot be killed or trapped without prior approval. Professional pest management groups like Keller's Pest Control help eliminate any legal recourse by obtaining all necessary permits.

Keller's Pest Control offers a way to handle wildlife problems professionally and legally; eradicate wild animals to protect your family for years to come.

How Keller's Pest Control Makes Wildlife Management Easy

Wildlife management from Keller's Pest Control was specially designed to offer the greatest comfort with the least amount of stress. First, we inspect your entire property for the signs and symptoms of wildlife creatures, taking care to identify any live animals before the treatment process.

Next, we evaluate all potential treatment options that would work best for you. We offer same-day services and over 20 years of experience, providing a cohesive customer experience for thousands of Naples locals.

After we apply our treatment measures to the lawn and garden, we will return regularly to remove wild animals altogether. We want to uphold our satisfaction guarantee in all service visits, especially for our Naples customers.

If you want to learn more about the Keller's Pest Control wildlife management program, submit one of our online contact forms to get in touch with a pro as soon as possible. Your wildlife woes are as good as gone! 

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