Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs The Right Way In Your Manatee County Home


Waking up to find itchy bed bug bites scattered across your arms, legs, and feet is an experience no one wants to face. Unfortunately, this is an actual situation for many Manatee County homeowners.

Today we'll go over the best way to identify bed bugs on your property and what you should do if your find these pests in your home. Or, if immediate bed bug removal is what you're looking for, our professionals from Keller's Pest Control have your back. With over 20 years of experience eliminating pest problems, you can rely on us to provide the best pest control in Manatee County

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Clear Signs Of A Bed Bug Infestation In Your House

It's helpful to understand what bed bug signs to watch out for to identify the presence of a bed bug infestation in your home. Here are a few ways to tell if you have bed bugs in your Manatee County home:

  • Reddish-brown fecal marks on your sheets 
  • Bloodstains left behind on your clothing and bedding after bed bugs bite
  • Clusters or rows of raised, red bed bug bites on your skin
  • Musty odors in your home without any other noticeable cause
  • Live bed bugs crawling around in your home

Implementing a professional bed bug control plan from Keller's Pest Control is the most effective way to eliminate a bed bug infestation. Contact us today to get started!

Why Bed Bugs Like To Bite Sleeping People

Most people believe bed bugs are nocturnal pests that only bite sleeping people. However, while there's a good reason people have that belief, it's not exactly true. Bed bugs typically remain hidden during the day when humans are most active and moving around. These parasitic pests aren't nocturnal but usually emerge from hiding at night when you and your family are sleeping. Bed bugs will venture out from their hiding places during the day if they're hungry enough.

The main reason bed bugs bite sleeping people is that sleeping humans are an easier target to bite. While everyone has a different tolerance to bed bug bites, most people would notice if bed bugs bit them during the day. Additionally, bed bugs are attracted to the carbon dioxide we exhale when we breathe. Sleeping in a closed room causes carbon dioxide levels to rise, therefore attracting bed bugs. 

Let Keller's Pest Control safeguard your home for a safe and restful night's sleep.

All The Places Bed Bugs Could Be Hiding In Your Home

If there's one thing that bed bugs are good at, it's hiding where humans can't reach. These tiny, flat insects can fit into spaces you might not even realize were possible hiding locations. Bed bugs typically avoid humans during the day and emerge at night to feed on your blood. Most bed bugs will hide close to the areas where they can find a blood meal, including inside furniture or along the creases of a mattress. However, these insects also hide in many other places, such as underneath floorboards, inside electrical outlets, or behind wallpaper. 

Locating bed bug infestation locations can be challenging; call Keller's Pest Control today!

Contact The Pros At The First Sign Of Bed Bugs In Your Home

No matter how careful you are, there's still a chance you'll bring bed bugs into your Manatee County home. You should always contact the pest management experts from Keller's Pest Control at the first sign of a bed bug infestation. We've made it our top priority to deliver excellent treatment plans that target and eliminate pest problems at their source. Our bed bug heat treatments reach all areas of your home to eliminate bed bugs in all stages of life.

If you're looking for effective bed bug control in Manatee County, look no further than Keller's Pest Control. We'll work with you to find the perfect treatment plan for your home and family.

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