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No one is a fan of stinging insects in the yard, but these slim-waisted stingers may not be the dangerous threat you first expected.  Paper wasps are considered to be the garden helpers of the stinging insect world. While not necessarily absolved from stinging or hostile behavior, this species of wasp is far less aggressive than its cousins the yellow jacket and hornet. The closer the fall season gets, the more aggressive paper wasps become as they run out of food sources and begin to die off.

a paper wasp crawling on a nest

There are 22 species of paper wasp in the United States alone, each no more than 5/8 – 3/4 inch in total length. Wasps have thin, pinched waists and slightly humped backs, which differentiate them from their hornet or bee relatives. The most common varieties of paper wasp are brown or reddish in color with six yellow legs that dangle as they fly. A pair of sharp, V-shaped wings will splay outwards in a territorial display when threatened.

Despite the similarities, there are several ways to differentiate paper wasps from other common species here in Bradenton. Specifically, the following methods will help you determine whether or not you're dealing with a paper wasp.

  • Check the size of the waist. Paper wasps do not have thick or threaded waists.
  • Look for the presence of fuzz or hairs. Unlike other wasp species, paper wasps are not covered with small hairs. 
  • Observe the shape of the next. Paper wasp nests often resemble upside-down umbrellas or cones.

If you're struggling to identify the species of wasp in your yard, its best to reach out to a professional to help you determine the kind of insect and the extent of your problem.

Pros And Cons Associated With Paper Wasps In Your Bradenton Yard

In spite of the negative reputation associated with wasps, paper wasps, in particular, do provide some benefits to our ecosystem and may, in small numbers, be a welcomed addition to your property.

  • Paper wasps assist in pollination efforts by feeding nectar to larvae.
  • They reduce harmful insects, especially hornworms and other caterpillars.
  • Paper wasps protect plants from future pest activity.

However, as paper wasp populations grow in size, their presence can become problematic.

  • Like other wasp species, paper wasps can sting, which may be extremely painful and lead to hospitalization.
  • Paper wasps will multiply quickly, and if their population gets too large, they may become more of a threat over time.
  • When searching for food, paper wasps may consume growing fruits and vegetables in your garden.

Despite the benefits they provide to growing gardens, paper wasp populations should be managed so that their unfavorable behaviors do not negatively affect your family members or your crops. We all want to enjoy summers in our yard, and if paper wasps or other wasp species are negatively affecting your time outdoors, its time to contact a professional.  

How To Keep Paper Wasps Away From Your Bradenton Home

At the end of the day, many homeowners find that hosting stinging insects on their property is a bit too much to handle. The best way to keep paper wasps from infesting your lawn is to make sure that nest-building colonies are not attracted to the property in the first place. To do this, remove or reduce the three biggest factors that drive paper wasp activity: food, water, and shelter.

  1. Paper wasps eat just about anything, including the plates of food and garbage bags you leave outside. Seal up all garbage sources and remove them from the yard often, and do not expose foods to the open air for extended periods of time. If you have a compost pile, turn it frequently to promote breakdown and discourage paper wasp activity.
  2. Secondly, protect the exterior of your home so that paper wasps are not allowed entry. Patch up any tears in screens, cracks along your foundation, or entry points that could allow paper wasps to access the interior of your home. A silicon-based caulking agent is always recommended.
  3. Lastly, eliminate water sources. Dips or holes in the ground preserve water sources that paper wasps may drink from. Fill these up using topsoil or an appropriate leveling agent. Bear in mind that other water sources, such as birdbaths, tarps, and stagnant ponds, could be contributing to the problem.

If you think or know that paper wasps have already prepared a nest on your property, its best to consult with the pest professionals in Bradenton at Keller's Pest Control to develop a plan that will control your wasp population. To speak with one of our professionals, complete our online contact form or call your nearest Manatee County office now.

Eliminate Stinging Insects With Keller’s Pest Control

For more prevention tips or to safely remove any existing paper wasp nest, don’t hesitate to call the professionals at Keller's Pest Control immediately. Our friendly and experienced staff serves Bradenton homes and businesses with the highest level of professionalism and care. Reach out to us today so that we can discuss your pest control options

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