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While they are important for the environment and are found all over the world, let’s face it, ants can be a seriously annoying pest once they make their way onto our property.

Pest control in Naples is our specialty, so we’ve put together a guide on ants for homeowners that will be a great first step in protecting yourself from infestations.

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The Role Ants Play In Our Ecosystem

Despite being a real annoyance in the household, ants actually play a significant role in our ecosystem. Here are some of the many roles ants play in our environment.

  • They carry seeds to areas where they wouldn’t normally be able to reach.

  • They aerate the soil, which allows plants to thrive.

  • They carry away other debris and detritus that are unsightly or otherwise harmful to our health.

  • They can kill other insects that pose more of a threat to us than they do until they make it indoors, that is.

Much in the same way that bees and other insects are vital to keeping plant life alive in their flowering stages, their vegetative stages depend on animals like ants to condition the soil and carry seeds.

Ants In The Home Can Create Many Problems

Ants in Naples are great at making their way inside our homes. What’s interesting about ants is that they have “roles” ascribed to different ants that perform various tasks for their colonies. Some ants build and maintain the nest, while others fight the colony’s battles, and others still scout for food. Infestations develop in waves.

Once these scouts have made their way inside, they will secrete pheromones (scents) that signal other ants that a meal or suitable shelter is nearby. Once the rest of the colony decides to move their way onto your property, a lot of problems can begin to develop. Ants can cause property damage by burrowing and digging; they can even track diseases or other dangerous pathogens into your home on their legs or antennae.

Thankfully, following good ant prevention tips, like ensuring that all foods are secured and put away, will help keep ants out of your home.

The Hassles With Do-It-Yourself Ant Control

Controlling ants is a difficult, if not impossible, task for the average homeowner. Ants come out into the open when they’re scouting for food or shelter, but they don’t build their nests anywhere we’d typically be able to access or even see them.

Most ants prefer to live underground, where they build interweaving tunnels that serve different functions for their colony, much like the various rooms in a house!

For that reason and many others, getting rid of an ant infestation is nearly impossible. You won’t be able to eliminate the source of the infestation on your own.

The Most Effective Ant Control Method For Naples Homes

As you can see, DIY ant control is difficult, if not impossible, for homeowners once an infestation has taken hold. So, if the average homeowner can’t tackle the problem, can pest control get rid of ants?

Thankfully, yes! A professional solution is the only answer if you want to know how to get rid of ants permanently. Keller’s Pest Control offers the best home pest control solutions for homeowners needing pest and ant control in Naples.

If you have an infestation on your property, there’s no need to wait when you already have the number one solution for ant control near you! Ants are one of nature’s toughest creatures, so only the pros can ensure an infestation is taken care of once and for all.

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