8 Myths About Termites In Bradenton You Probably Still Believe 


Myth #1: Termites are part of the ant family.

Many people assume that termites are part of the animal family that includes ants, but this is false. There are similarities. Both pests are insects that form colonies and use a caste system to tackle important survival tasks. Both make extensive tunnels and mound systems. And termites even look a little like white ants. However, termites are part of the Blattodea family of insects, which includes cockroaches.

a termite infesttaon in a home

Myth #2: Termites can eat through concrete.

This is a weird one concocted from old wives' tales and horror stories about termites making it through concrete walls and foundations. The truth is termites can’t chew through concrete and never would try because it provides no nutritional value to them. However, concrete isn’t a foolproof barrier to keeping termites out. The imperfections that form in even the best of concrete materials are like chasms to termites, which might provide easy access to the wood behind the concrete.

Myth #3: A brick house on a concrete slab is safe from termites.

By its very nature, concrete cracks and forms pockets as it settles, providing termites with passageways through these barriers and into your home. Even if the walls are made of brick or stone, termites may still get at wooden furniture, support beams, and any other fibrous wooden materials they can find.

Myth #4: If you have treated for termites once, you don’t have to worry again.

This is less specific to termites and more a thing that homeowners or business managers tell themselves for peace of mind when it comes to all types of pests. We like to think that, with one professional or at-home treatment, pests will stay gone. But pest solutions aren’t indefinite and will only provide protection for a limited time. The same is true for termites.

Myth #5: Termite infestations are easy to spot.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Termites toil away in secret and out of sight all the time, and the signs of an infestation can be incredibly difficult to spot for the untrained eye. Since they live underground and stay inside the walls and other wooden structures of a home, you’re not likely to notice termite damage unless you’re making structural changes or repairs to your home.

Myth #6: Termites don’t exist outside of forested areas.

People assume, since termites eat wood, that only heavily wooded areas are ideal environments for termites. But most common termite colonies start underground and expand to where food sources are. With suburban sprawl providing literally tons of sustenance for termites, they can thrive in flat, open areas, even coastal communities like Bradenton.

Myth #7: My neighbor’s termite treatment drove them into my home.

Termite colonies can span many hundreds of square feet below ground, so a colony infesting a nearby home is likely already active inside yours -- or would have soon come inside anyway. This is why it’s so important for entire communities to be proactive and determined in their pest prevention methods -- and to be on top of treatments -- since one infested house can support a colony that plagues the entire block.

Myth #8: Do-it-yourself termite control is a safe, cost-effective option.

At-home or store-bought methods of termite control almost never work to completely eradicate termite populations. Not only are you not likely to spot the signs until a colony is fully matured, but termite colonies can bounce right back if handled improperly. That’s why it’s best to partner with your local pest control company -- Keller’s Pest Control. Not only can our proven solutions drive termites away and keep them gone, but routine inspections by the professionals who know what to look for will provide the assurance that termites in Bradenton haven’t already done a ton of damage. Don’t wait until it’s too late, call Keller’s today.

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