4 Quick Wasp Control Tips For Palmetto Property Owners


It’s no secret that wasps are some of the most aggravating outdoor pests in all of Palmetto. Using the warm summers and mild winters to their advantage, these creatures can go on living and building up their nests for long periods of time.

paper wasp crawling on its nest

Here in Palmetto, there are at least six types of wasps that you might find flitting through your backyard. They are:

  • Yellow Jackets
  • Paper wasps
  • Mud Wasps
  • Potter Wasps
  • Pollen Wasps
  • Hornets

It should be noted that the infamous hornet is just a subsect of the wasp family and not a member of its own category. This means that both of these insects behave similarly when around people.

Wasps are known to be beneficial to the environment in several ways, not the least of which is found in natural pest control and native flora pollination. However, these irritating insects may become a dangerous pest in people’s yards, especially if they have already constructed a nest.

Wasps do not spread diseases as other insects do, nor do they destroy wood or damage homes. However, a sting from one of these creatures is enough to hospitalize even a healthy adult. The venom of a single wasp sting will itch and burn upon injection, and may cause anaphylactic shock in allergic persons. What’s worse, wasps are capable of stinging multiple times in a row, inflicting their victims with dozens of large, painful welts. Unless wasps are continuously monitored and controlled, their numbers will grow to an astonishing – and dangerous – level.

Wasp Control In Palmetto – 4 Quick Tips

To help homeowners in their quest to make the yard less appealing to stinging insects, Keller’s Pest Control has compiled this list of helpful tips to negate wasps at any stage of infestation.

  • Wasps love easily accessible foods, which include trash or garbage bags left out in the yard. Control insect access to food by storing all trash in a strong, airtight bin. Do your best to clean up after any picnics or barbecues, as the presence of protein or sugary sweets may attract larger numbers.

  • Fill in any holes around the lawn or garden, taking care to avoid any nests or hives that may already be in place.

  • Dispose of fallen fruit around trees as soon as possible. Overripe or rotting fruit is a wasp’s favorite afternoon snack.

  • Continuous protection is one of the best methods of preventing stinging insect infestation before it happens. Check out Keller’s Pest Control and the many pest protection plans offered today.

    Wasps, hornets, and any other type of stinging insect can prove to be a household danger, especially those looking for a place to build a nest. If wasps have already completed their initial infiltration of your Palmetto backyard, don’t hesitate to schedule a helpful visit from Keller's Pest Control.

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One or two wasps spotted around the lawn may not seem like a big deal at first, but be warned: these insects always come in pairs.

Contact Keller's Pest Control today for help with wasp prevention or to deal with an ongoing infestation at any level. Using a variety of intensive methods, holistic treatments, and skillful diagnostics, our pest-sperts are prepared to assist you at any time that’s convenient for you. Let us know what times work best for you by calling into our primary office today. Need to ask some questions first? Chat with us online using our text tool or fill out the contact form to get connected with an agent right away. Keller’s Pest Control is a cut above the rest. Now see it for yourself!

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