Just How Dangerous Are Mosquitoes In Sarasota County?


You just never know what type of disease, if any, a mosquito is carrying when it bites you. It's ridiculous to think that you are risking your health just by sitting on your deck right here in Sarasota County.

mosquito biting through pants

What Is A Mosquito?

Mosquitoes are very common on every continent, except Antarctica. There are 3,500 known types of mosquitoes worldwide. Not all of them bite or spread disease, and among the biting variety, it's only the females that do the bloodsucking. The type of mosquito that spreads a disease is referred to as a vector. This term is not unique to mosquitoes, it's used to describe any animal or insect that spreads pathogens. 

  • They will bite day or night.

  • It only takes a few of them to start an outbreak in a community, potentially making hundreds of people sick.

  • Female mosquitoes need a ‘blood meal’ to produce eggs.

  • They can live indoors or outdoors.

  • Their lifespan is between 2-4 weeks.

They can be found anywhere humans, birds, animals or reptiles are thriving. They are attracted to sweet smells, exhaled carbon dioxide, dark-colored clothing, pregnant women, and type O blood is their favorite.

Mosquitos Are So Much More Than Annoying

Mosquitoes are considered one of the most dangerous creatures on the planet. They can spread deadly diseases that do not affect them. Diseases that can also be transferred from animal to human via a mosquito bite, specifically West Nile virus. Fear is not the objective here, but it’s best to be aware and careful. The following is a list of some of the diseases spread by mosquitoes:

  • Zika virus - Women that bear children while infected with this virus usually have babies with serious health conditions.

  • West Nile virus - There is no known treatment for WNV at this time. 1 out of 150 people that contract the virus suffer serious and sometimes fatal illnesses.

  • Malaria - We are experiencing a spike in cases this year. Recently we have been seeing about 410,000 cases worldwide, mostly children.

  • Dengue fever - Annually 25,000 people die from dengue.

  • Chikungunya - Presents with horrible joint pain that lingers for years. There is no treatment

  • Yellow fever - This is rare but it packs a punch. You can get an inoculation, but there is no known treatment.

Do not dismiss this list because you think they sound foreign. Many cases have emerged in the U.S. traced back to mosquito bites. Here at Keller’s Pest Control, we are serious about the safety of Floridians.

Tips To Keep Mosquitoes Away

Homeowners will inevitably attempt to handle the problem on their own through a series of hacks, store-bought pesticides, and natural remedies. We can't say that they are completely ineffective, but we can say they won't finish the job. Have you tried any of these?

  • Stay away from or remove stagnant water from around your property, this includes flower pots and rain gutters. 

  • Ensure screens are in place, and do not leave doors open. Check for rips and tears in screen material, also bent or damaged frames. 

  • Use a repellant. Deet is available in many strengths and works well. There are also several essential oil-based products that work well. 

  • Wear light-colored clothing, for some reason they are not as attracted to them. 

  • Stay inside during dawn and dusk. This one works, but why should you have to? 

  • Burn citronella torches and candles. 

Usually, you just end up spending a whole lot of money on a temporary solution.

Calling In The Big Guns

Contact Keller's Pest Control for the best in mosquito protection for your property. Servicing a large portion of Florida since 1996, we are well acquainted with the unique pest control needs of those residing in Sarasota County. Call for a mosquito control estimate today.

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