How Dangerous Are Wolf Spiders In Bradenton?

Living in Bradenton comes with many perks: spending time in the sun at the excellent beaches, golfing at the River Run Golf Links, and hiking the Myakka River State Park, just to name a few. The last thing you want to worry about while you're enjoying all that the Sunshine State has to offer is invaders that even your Ring doorbell can't see. Invasive spiders can be downright menacing but can also be a sign of a more extensive pest infestation. The wolf spider is formidable, and knowing how to prevent and spot them will help you keep your Bradenton property safe.

Wolf Spider Basics

spider on rock

As one of the largest home-invading spider varieties, wolf spiders are prevalent in the Bradenton area. With that being said, these nocturnal hunters typically stick to the shadows and are good at hiding, allowing for them to go unnoticed for long periods. Here's how to tell wolf spiders apart from other species:

  • The marking on their back is similar to the Union Jack flag.

  • They are a grayish-brown color that features lighter stripes.

  • Wolf spiders can be up to two inches in length.

  • They are hairy.

  • Like all spiders, they have eight legs, but unlike other spiders they have two pedipalps (small arm-like appendages) extending from the front.

  • Wolf spiders have eight eyes set in three rows.

  • Mother spiders carry their young on their back.

  • Nests: Wolf spiders spin funnel-shaped nests, often on the ground level, and utilize existing holes in soil or vegetation.

Because of their large and hairy appearance, residents often wonder about their safety around these spiders.

Are Wolf Spiders Dangerous?

Wolf spider bites are typically rare due to their solitary nature, but bites can occur. Wolf spider bites are significantly more harmful than an average house spider bite. While not lethal, the wolf spider bite delivers poison into the bloodstream and tends to burn or sting far more than regular bug bites. Although they lack the potency to injure people seriously, you shouldn't take a wolf spider bite lightly. They typically only bite pets or people when they feel threatened.

If you are unfortunate enough to see a wolf spider in your Bradenton home, you may not only be frightened due to their massive size. Spiders on your property typically mean you have another pest infestation in your home that they are feeding on. By accurately addressing all of these problems, you'll help curb all spider populations, including the wolf spider.

Where Do Wolf Spiders Prefer To Live?

Wolf spiders are adaptable and live where they can find insects to eat and hunt. Wolf spiders hunt primarily on the ground and do not spin webs. This means you may find them in wooded areas, fields, forests, and vegetation along with bodies of water. They also can be found in fences, gardens, and suburban backyards.

Even though most wolf spiders do not typically cause harm, it's essential to rid your home of the infestation. Being proactive in your approach to spider control is the best way to prevent wolf spiders from entering your Bradenton home:

  • For peace of mind during breakout seasons, or year-round control, the surest way to not have to deal with bugs encroaching on your property is to use professional lawn treatments and home protection.

  • Frequently vacuum your home to prevent baby wolf spiders from growing into adults.

  • Wolf spiders like to burrow, so eliminate spaces where they can do that. Store belongings in tight-fitting sealed containers and clean up all clutter in the yard.

  • Traces of food or waste left behind can attract bugs from miles around. Proper storage and disposal of food items, including deep cleaning to remove crumbs and traces, will help keep invasive pests at bay.

  • Wolf spiders prey on smaller insects, so ensure you kill all the other bugs in your home.

  • Bugs of all kinds like humid areas, so moisture control is essential for both your yard and interior. Drainage and ventilation are key.

  • Wolf spiders hate lemon juice, so clean all belongings and furniture with it to keep them away.

  • Seal cracks in holes in your house. Focus on areas near the ground and around doors and windows, and you'll prevent an entry for both spiders and their prey.

  • Limiting access points and spiders' pest prey you'll go a long way toward preventing spider infestations.

The Best Solution Is With The Professionals At Keller's Pest Control

If you have wolf spiders on your Bradenton property, it's critical to act fast. Getting pest populations, including spiders, under control is no small feat. For effective solutions, it is best to partner with our local pest professionals. At Keller's Pest Control, we specialize in total pest protection, the kind that keeps spiders, and the things they eat, at bay. Whether you need a peace-of-mind inspection of your property to determine if a pest population is invading or if you need timely and effective removal of pests, Keller's has you covered.

Don't let your property turn into a breeding and hunting ground for nocturnal wolf spiders; call Keller's Pest Control right away.