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Fruit Flies
Fruit Flies

What do fruit flies look like?

Adult fruit flies are small, growing only to about 1/8th of an inch in length. Their bodies are oval-shaped, and tannish in color. Fruit flies are known for their large, compound eyes that are typically red in color, but can also be brown or black. Fruit flies have a total of four translucent wings. Their worm-like larvae grow to between 1/4 and 3/8 of an inch in length. The larvae bodies are tapered at the head, with a rounded hind-end segment. The bodies of larvae are whitish in color except for their two dark colored mouth-hooks. Though they have these 'hooks', fruit flies are not actually capable of biting people.


Are fruit flies dangerous?

Fruit flies are mostly considered to be nuisance pests because they are found flying around kitchen and pantry areas in large numbers. However, it is important to understand that fruit flies are more than just a nuisance. Fruit flies feed on and breed in your family’s food sources. Before finding their way inside your home, these flies were most likely in contact with a wide variety of dangerous bacteria, viruses, and parasites that can cause health risks for people. Once inside your home they contaminate food sources and food prep areas with the bacteria, viruses, and parasites found on their bodies and legs.

Why do I have a problem with fruit flies?

Fruit flies are attracted to properties that offer them easy access to food, water, and breeding areas. Fruit flies prefer to feed on decaying or overripe fruits and vegetables. Florida properties with gardens, compost piles, and open garbage containers can attract fruit flies.

These nuisance pests commonly find their way inside homes through spaces found around windows and doors or holes found in screens. Once inside they feed and breed on produce and other food items that have been left out in the open. Fruit flies are also introduced into homes by accident. They come in on fruits and vegetables that have been purchased from the store and are already infested with their larvae or eggs.

How do I get rid of fruit flies?

If you have found that fruit flies are living on your property or inside your home, contact Keller’s Pest Control for help. We have the skills, expertise, and effective pest control solutions needed to protect people and food sources from invasive fruit flies. To learn more about our fruit fly control solutions, give us a call today.