Why Mosquito Control In Naples Is Beneficial


Have you been considering reaching out to Naples pest control for mosquito control service? Are there unanswered questions that keep you from making the call? We hope to answer those questions today. We're going to look at why mosquitoes are a pain to control - quite literally. We're going to discuss what works best to keep mosquitoes away. We're going to answer the question, "How do mosquitoes breed?" And, we're going to explain how professional mosquito control does the best job of reducing mosquitoes on Naples properties. How does that sound? Great! Let's get into it.

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Different Types Of Mosquitoes In Naples

Not all mosquitoes are created equal. Some are worse than others. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to tell the different types of mosquitoes from each other, and this makes it difficult to know if you have mosquitoes that present a greater risk to the health of your family. When you invest in mosquito control, you get protection from all mosquitoes in your yard.

Why Mosquitoes Around Your Yard Is A Big Problem

Mosquitoes in Napels are a pain to control. There are many products available to consumers that promise to keep mosquitoes away and prevent bites. Unfortunately, they don't work so well. The problem, in many cases, isn't the fault of the products themselves. These products fail because they underestimate the drive of female mosquitoes.

Both male and female mosquitoes eat nectar and plant sap for food. Females don't eat blood for sustenance. They take a blood meal for reproduction. Their drive to get this blood meal is high. You're not going to deter female mosquitoes with candles, torches, or campfire smoke. Female mosquitoes may also tolerate the scent of essential oils, and even bug spray, to try and get a blood meal. If you miss a spot, they'll let you know it. Professionals provide the best solution for preventing mosquito bites.

The Most Effective Way To Repel Mosquitoes

There are many ways residents attempt to keep mosquitoes in Naples from biting but what is the best way to repel mosquitoes? What we've found is the best way to repel mosquitoes is not to drive them away with smells they don't like, but rather to stop them from breeding. When you prevent mosquito breeding, you stop mosquitoes from living in your yard. How do mosquitoes breed? Mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant water and on damp organic matter.

You can have some impact on mosquito populations by removing stagnant water and keeping things dry, but professionals have a more effective way to stop mosquito breeding. Professionals apply products that eliminate adult mosquitoes and larvae. If just one female mosquito is eliminated, she is prevented from laying 300 eggs in your yard.

What Quality Mosquito Control Looks Like In Naples

Spraying for mosquitoes in your yard can come in many forms. You can hire a professional to treat your property once in preparation for an important outdoor event, you can hire a professional to treat your yard routinely throughout the mosquito season, or you can take mosquito control into your own hands by investing in an automatic misting system.

At Keller's Pest Control, we offer one-time and seasonal mosquito treatments. We also employ trained installers for the Mistaway Automatic Misting System. This system gives you the power to decide when you want to apply product to control mosquitoes. Spraying for mosquitoes in your yard has never been easier. If you have questions, or you'd like to request service, reach out to us. We would love the opportunity to guide you toward the best solution for your property and for your family.

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