Where Did All These Bed Bugs Come From In My Sarasota County Home?


When you find bed bugs in your home, you're going to have questions. Lots of questions. We hope to answer many of your questions today, starting with, "Where do bed bugs come from?" These are hitchhiking insects that move from one location to another. When you understand where they can come from, and how they could have hitchhiked into your home, you'll accomplish the first stage of pest control; you'll prevent bed bugs from continuing to get into your home and stop new bugs from replacing current bugs as you remove them.

Let's look at how bed bugs travel, how to detect bed bugs, and how to treat bed bugs in Sarasota County. As always, if you need immediate assistance with pest control in Sarasota County, you can connect with us through our contact page and request local pest control for bed bugs.

a bed bug on a persons arm

How Bed Bugs Travel

Bed bugs get on you or into the items you're carrying. They can climb into a pocket or get into a pocketbook. While they don't take humans as a host, they'll hitch a ride on us. If you hope to keep bed bugs out of your Sarasota County home, you need to be alert when you're in bed bug hot spots. Where are you likely to pick up bed bugs and where do bed bugs come from? You can pick them up in many places. Some might surprise you.

  • Motels and hotels

  • 5-star resorts

  • A cabin in the woods

  • Senior living centers

  • Daycares

  • Elementary schools and high schools

  • College dormitories

  • Office spaces

  • Libraries

  • The home of a friend or relative

You can also get bed bugs without going anywhere. Your kids, relatives, neighbors, or service people who come into your home, are all able to bring bed bugs in with them. Bed bug control is very difficult because of the many ways these insects get in. The key to stopping bed bugs is to be able to identify bed bugs and signs of an infestation.

How To Identify Bed Bugs

When you're away from home, it is important that you know how to identify bed bugs and warning signs of an infestation - not only to stop bed bugs from getting to your home but also to prevent bed bug infestations from starting in the first place. Use these tips to identify locations where bed bugs may be located:

  • Adult bed bugs are shaped like an apple seed and about the same size.

  • Immature bed bug nymphs may be pale or tan in color and will range in size from 1 to 4 mm.

  • Bed bugs leave black excrement streaks, fecal spotting, shed skins, and tiny white eggs in areas of infestation.

  • You might smell bed bugs. They smell like a used towel.

What You Can Do About Bed Bugs In Your Home

How do you treat bed bugs? One of the big problems with bed bugs is that Sarasota County residents don't understand what they're up against. Bed bugs aren't easy to exterminate. If they were, these insects (which are almost exclusively indoor insects) would be extinct. So, how do you treat bed bugs? Here are our best suggestions for getting rid of bed bugs on your own:

  • Put duffel bags, book bags, clothing, and other dryer-safe items through a 30-minute dryer cycle. This kills bed bugs in all stages of development.

  • Get your vacuum ready and inspect your beds and furniture. If you see bed bugs congregating together, suck them up quickly with your vacuum.

  • Routinely vacuum your floors until your infestation has been corrected.

The Best Way To Completely Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

If you live in Sarasota County and you need bed bug control, our licensed professionals know how to treat bed bugs. Reach out to Keller's Pest Control for assistance with local pest control for bed bugs. We use field-tested methods to make sure no bugs remain. Connect with us today.

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