What You Should Know About Fleas In Naples


Fleas are annoying pests that sometimes make pets and people sick. If you don't want fleas in your home, and we're assuming you don't, it is important that you know a few simple facts about these biting pests. Let's look at how flea pest control in Naples works and what can work to prevent flea infestations from starting in the first place.

How To Identify Fleas

If you're not familiar with what fleas look like, your first step should be to familiarize yourself with these pests. Fleas are dark reddish-brown and range in size from 1/12 to ⅙ of an inch in length, depending on the species. It can be difficult to visually examine tiny fleas. They're not much more than a speck. Tiny fleas are also particularly frustrating as you may get lots of flea bites and have a hard time figuring out where the fleas are located in your home. 

How To Identify A Flea Infestation

There are a few ways to identify a flea infestation in your Naples home. Some are obvious. Others are not so obvious.

  • Little insects springing through the air. A flea can leap several inches.
  • Flea bites on your skin. You're most likely to find flea bites on ankles, particularly if you have fleas in a rug. If you find flea bites on your back, sides, or some other higher location, the fleas are likely to be in a piece of furniture.
  • Flea dirt on your pets. Long before you start finding flea bites on ankles, backs, and sides, you can catch fleas on your pet by inspecting for flea dirt. Use a flea comb to part the hair or fur on your pet and look for black specks.
  • As you look for flea dirt with a flea comb, you may also see an adult flea, but you're not likely to see it for long. When you part the hair or fur of your pet, an exposed flea will hide quickly.

When you find fleas in your home, the next step is to consider what action to take. This is influenced by the severity of the infestation. When you find only a flea or two, you may address the problem by washing bedding, vacuuming regularly, and investing in products recommended by your veterinarian.

Problems Fleas Cause

The primary issue fleas present is that they bite. They will bite your dog, your cat, and also the humans in your home. These bites can be very itchy. 

A secondary concern is flea diseases. These diseases can cause strange and unexpected symptoms for humans. If you're currently dealing with an infestation and you detect sickness, it is wise to get professional flea control for your house, and talk to your doctor if symptoms worsen. Flea diseases are most often mild, but there is a potential risk.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Fleas

If you get rid of fleas on your own, it is possible to keep having flea problems. The best way to get rid of fleas is to let a trained and experienced pest professional handle your pest problem. If you're in Naples, reach out to Keller's Pest Control. We do more than apply flea control for your house, we offer services that reduce the number of fleas on your property, making it much more difficult for your pets to bring fleas inside with them. This is the best way to deal with flea problems. Contact us at Keller's Pest Control today to learn more about our home pest control and commercial pest control services.

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