What To Do If A Tick In Lakewood Ranch Bites You


No one likes to eat and run, but these blood-sucking moochers aren’t too terribly picky about their menus – which includes the lifeblood of you and your loved ones.

a small deer tick in the palm of a hand

It’s not hard to see why ticks are some of Lakewood Ranch’s most despised outdoor pests. About 2-6 millimeters long at maturity, ticks are classified as a type of parasitic arachnid, and not an insect as commonly thought. Their eight legs, tiny bodies, and brown to black coloration patterns make this creature difficult to spot even while attached to the skin.

Common ticks to the Lakewood Ranch area include:

  • Blacklegged Tick

  • Lone Star Tick

  • American Dog Tick

  • Gulf Coast Tick

  • Argasid Tick

  • Bont Tick (which often comes from cruises or vacations in the Caribbean)

The characteristics and behaviors of a tick are predatory at best. By swinging their arms and legs around in what is known as ‘questing,’ ticks stumble upon a host body near their location. Once they have found a suitable warm spot for ‘camping’ out, the arachnids will bury their heads deep into the skin for a long meal. The body of the tick will bloat up to enormous proportions as it fills with blood. This process makes the victim of the bite susceptible to many different types of diseases, not the least of which includes Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Ticks Bites In Lakewood Ranch – An Exhaustive Guide

Tick bites are best described as tiny, red bites. The initial puncture of the skin is usually painless, and will not be easy to notice unless homeowners are specifically checking themselves for signs of tick presence.
Most tick bites will prove harmless, as ticks need anywhere from 24 – 48 hours to transmit disease. However, there are warning signs that could point towards health complications in the future. Some of these are:

  • Red ‘bull eye’ rash or rashes

  • Aches and pains

  • A fever

  • Exhaustion or unexplained tiredness

Not all tick bites result in disease. However, should warning signs or symptoms appear within a few weeks of a bite, it is important to seek medical attention immediately.
Tick prevention tips for the yard may vary wildly. However, the following tips are sure to make an impact on the population size found in your backyard.

  • Deter wildlife hosts by removing deer, squirrel, or bird feeds from the lawn.
  • Keep the grass well-trimmed and the vegetation pruned back.
  • Treat any household pets with regular flea and tick remedies.

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Never Worry Again With Keller’s Pest Control

Getting a tick bite can be a scary prospect, especially within the Lakewood Ranch area that has a history of spreadable tick-borne disease. However, with the right planning, prevention, and techniques, these parasitic arachnids can be kept at bay for good.
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