What To Do About Powderpost Beetles Around Your Bradenton Home

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Powderpost beetles are a small type of wood-infesting pest that causes damage similar to termites, carpenter ants, and old house borers. Powderpost beetles generally target dry, seasoned wood, which may represent a substantial threat to local property owners. Powderpost beetles range in length from 1/8 to 3/4 of an inch and typically appear reddish-brown or dark brown, depending on the species. 

Homeowners experiencing an infestation will typically notice accumulations of a “powder-like” material that results from eroding wood. The most common types of powderpost beetles are Anobiid, Lyctid, and Bostrichid beetles. 

Are you wondering how to get rid of powderpost beetles in hardwood floors inside your home? Keep in mind that powderpost beetles are highly destructive creatures worthy of professional treatment. Property owners in this region should contact a Bradenton pest control company after noticing any signs of powderpost beetles.

The Lifecycle Of Powderpost Beetles

Anobiid powderpost beetles have a life span lasting from one to ten years. Adults place their eggs on wood, which soon hatch and enter a larval stage. The larvae begin consuming the wooden structure creating thin tunnels before finally exiting the wood as adults. 

What do powderpost beetle larvae look like in your home? Powderpost beetle larvae typically appear white and “grub-like.” In most cases, the larvae activity of eroding wood goes undetected by homeowners until substantial damage occurs and “exit holes” are visible. 

Powderpost Beetles Are A Very Destructive Wood-Infesting Pest

Are powderpost beetles dangerous? Fortunately, powderpost beetles pose no actual threat to human health; however, they may create costly property damage. 

How To Identify Factors That Attract Powderpost Beetles

Those seeking tips for preventing intrusions involving powderpost beetles should understand the types of things that will likely attract these pests, such as the following: 

  • Anobiid powderpost beetles prefer water-damaged wood and commonly target paneling, floors, or furniture composed of maple, beech, or pine. 
  • Bostrichid powderpost beetles prefer hardwoods and seasoned softwood, often in window molding or unfinished floors. Bamboo items are especially vulnerable to these beetles. 
  • Lyctid powderpost beetles target sapwoods of hardwoods such as ash, oak, or maple, and imported tropical hardwoods are among the most vulnerable to Lyctids. 
  • Lyctids generally infest newer wood; therefore, new homes are the most likely targets. 

In some cases, residents that adopt strategies for preventing powderpost beetles will still experience an intrusion. When you recognize a potential problem, consulting with an experienced pest control expert is generally the best course of action for powderpost beetle control in Bradenton.

The Best Thing To Do About A Powderpost Beetle Infestation

Those who identify possible powderpost beetle activity on their property should seek assistance from a local home pest controller

Did you know that the technicians with Keller’s Pest Control understand how to treat powderpost beetles that may create costly damage to structures on your property? Pest controllers must achieve certification through the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services in compliance with the Florida Structural Pest Control Law. Pest control companies in Florida must achieve licensure within the “Termite and Other Wood-Destroying Organisms” category. 

Keep in mind that Keller’s Pest Control is a full-service provider that assists property owners in Bradenton with bed bugs, rodents, mosquitoes, and many other troublesome pests that might pose health risks or damage property. After receiving a request, we deploy a trained professional to the home that will conduct a detailed inspection of the premises and determine the nature and scope of the problem. During this visit, we will answer any questions and explain the best treatment option. 

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