Tips And Strategies For Florida Residents To Keep Fleas Off Of Their Properties


You’re sitting in your living room, watching Netflix, when you notice your dog scratching at his collar. You don’t think much of it, but five minutes later he’s still at it, and you begin to wonder if he’s okay. You call him over to check and see a tiny black speck jump off of his neck. Upon closer inspection, you see a few more. As much as you’d like to deny it, your dog is covered in fleas, and more than likely so is your house. If you’d like this scenario to remain a scenario and not become a reality, these tips and strategies for Florida residents to keep fleas off of their property will help.

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Why Fleas are a Major Problem in the Summer

In Florida, fleas can be a year-round problem, especially once they get inside. However, when summer arrives and the weather is at its hottest and most humid, fleas are at their most active. Fleas often end up on Florida properties by falling or jumping off of wandering wildlife. Once fleas get into your yard, they can be picked up by family members or pets and brought inside. They may also get inside on their own but this is unlikely.

Tips and Strategies to Keep Fleas Off of Your Property

Keeping fleas off your Florida property and out of your house isn’t an impossible endeavor, but it does take some planning and work. In addition to vacuuming frequently, washing bedding, and keeping your pets up-to-date with flea treatments, you can do the following to make your yard as unappealing as possible to wildlife:

  • Eliminate outdoor food sources. Keep tight-fitting lids on garbage cans and don’t leave pet food or bird seed outside.
  • Eliminate outdoor water sources. Remove pet dishes and birdbaths, clean out clogged gutters, fix leaky spigots, and ensure you have good drainage systems.
  • Eliminate outdoor shelters. Wildlife often likes to hide, so clean up brush and yard debris, cut back foliage, and keep your grass trimmed.

What to Do if Fleas Get Into Your Florida Home

If you discover a flea infestation in your home, simply vacuuming and washing your sheets won’t get rid of it. Fleas often lay eggs deep within carpet fibers that a vacuum can’t get to, so even if you initially see a reduction in fleas, they’ll return once the eggs hatch.

Instead, let the professionals at Keller’s Pest Control help. We can eliminate a flea infestation by eliminating the fleas at every stage of development. Contact us to learn more about our flea control services.

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