The Banana Spider Is Nothing To Monkey Around With In Lakewood Ranch 


a yellow bodies black legged golden orb weaver banana spider in a florida residential garden

The term banana spider does not represent a species of spider, like a southern black widow or brown recluse. Instead, it is a genus (a group of species) of spiders. Here in Lakewood Ranch Florida, the most common species of banana spider we have is the golden silk orb-weaver. These spiders are huge, at least as far as spiders go. Fully grown their bodies alone can measure 2 inches in length. Add to that several-inch long legs, and you have a scary-looking spider.

How Dangerous Are Banana Spiders?

The golden silk orb-weaver has a bite to match its scary appearance. Luckily their venom is not potent enough to seriously injure a healthy adult. It is, however, potent enough to hospitalize an infant, pet, or person with affected allergies or health problems. If you are unsure how you would react to a bite, talk with your doctor. 

For a healthy individual, the symptoms from this spider may include.

  • Local pain

  • Redness 

  • Blisters

For individuals with allergies or other medical conditions, symptoms may be much worse.

If you travel out of America, keep in mind that all banana spiders are different, and some species such as the Brazilian Banana Spider can be much more dangerous than spiders found here in the States.

Where To Watch Out For Banana Spiders

If you hate walking through small spider webs, you will hate walking through a golden orb-weavers masterpiece, especially because it might have a large spider hanging onto it. Here are some places golden silk orb-weavers are known to build their webs.

  • The edges of forested areas

  • Alongside forest trails

  • Across forest watercourses

Occasionally these spiders will build their webs on Lakewood Ranch, Florida properties. This is when they go from wilderness terrors to pests, and when you should start being concerned.

How Keller’s Can Help With Spiders

Whether you are dealing with giant banana spiders or tiny house spiders, inside or outside your home, the professionals here at Keller’s Pest Control have as answer. It comes in the form of quality spider control and web removal. Find your freedom from potentially dangerous spiders in your Lakewood Ranch home today by giving us a call. We will make sure you get the treatment you deserve.

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