Seven Lies Parrish Property Owners May Still Believe About Bed Bugs


Bed bugs are literally the stuff of nightmares: parasites that feed on you while you’re asleep. As such, people are rightly terrified of their property getting infested. But this can make people paranoid and prone to believing misinformation about these common invaders, and there is plenty of that out there. But paranoia isn’t the answer, prevention is. Here’s where you can bone up on the real facts:

a bed bug on human skin

Lie #1: Bed Bugs Are Too Small To See

Bed bugs are quite tiny, usually smaller than a seed. However, they are visible by the naked eye. Bed bugs are round brown or red-colored insects that have shell-like bodies. Due to their dark color, they are easier to spot on light-colored fabrics or surfaces and nearly impossible to see on darker colored ones.

Lie #2: Only Dirty Homes Get Bed Bugs

Bed bugs will infest a wide variety of materials and surfaces, dirty and clean. While people tend to associate bed bugs with squalor, since infested items are often dirty and well-worn, bed bugs can be found in the cleanest places -- like hospitals with strict sanitation standards. In fact, some things that are attractive to bed bugs are fresh linens and materials, which provide clean nesting grounds for them to lay their eggs in.

Lie #3: Carpet Cleaning And Vacuuming Will Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

If only it were that easy. The internet is full of “easy ways to completely eradicate pests." The reality is never so simple, especially when it comes to tiny pests that are tough to spot. While bed bugs can indeed infest carpets and fabrics that you can shampoo and vacuum, much of their population will be in far harder to reach areas. Basic cleaning products and methods likely won’t be enough to get rid of every bed bug and their eggs, which will simply hatch and replenish a population.

Lie #4: Bed Bugs Spread Disease

Many different types of pests are known for transmitting diseases, especially parasitic insects that interact directly with the blood. However, bed bugs aren’t known to spread any diseases, and studies have consistently shown that their mouths are too short to do more than draw out surface blood that’s right under the skin. That said, bed bug bites can quickly pile up, and abrasions or punctures on the skin can be itchy and risk infection.

Lie #5: Bed Bugs Can Jump

Because they are so similar to fleas, people often get this trait mixed up. Bed bugs can’t jump or fly, either, making them one of the least mobile pests out there. But they don’t need to move around on their own. When they haven’t already found an area to nest in, bed bugs lie in wait, clinging to any skin, clothing, or hair that gets close enough to hitch a ride.

Lie #6: Bed Bugs Only Hang Out Around Beds

While they certainly earn their name, by commonly being found in mattresses and box springs, bed bugs can actually be found in a wide range of common materials and containers. They not only infest mattresses and furniture but can also hitch rides on contaminated clothing items and linens. Suitcases, bags, or containers can all carry bed bugs, as well.

Lie #7: You Can Get Rid Of Bed Bugs On Your Own

Not only are you not likely to spot bed bugs or their signs -- since they are small, nocturnal pests -- you’re also not likely to completely eliminate their populations with the methods available to everyday property owners. Only professional solutions can completely eliminate bed bugs and their eggs.

Whether you believe any of these lies about bed bugs or not, every property could be at risk of infestation. Luckily, local experts are on-hand to assist you with more prevention tips, inspections of your property, and proven elimination methods. Even if you just want to figure out your level of risk, turn to Keller’s Pest Control right away. Don’t wait for a bed bug infestation to grow into a nightmare, act fast by partnering with the professionals.

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