Just How Dangerous Are German Cockroaches Around Parrish?


If you are like most Americans, you don’t like to dwell on all of the things that could hurt you. You acknowledge that life is dangerous, but accept the risks and do everything you can to stay safe. That being said, it is always good to know about potential dangers and how to avoid them. Today we will be talking about the danger one pest is posing to people here in Parrish, the German cockroach. If you are not educated about these invasive and harmful insects, here are a few things you should know.

german cockroach crawling on glass bowl

The German Cockroach

German cockroaches are the most common invasive roach species in America and most other countries around the world. Identify a German cockroach inside your home by its ½-⅝” long oval-shaped body, pair of long antennae, light brown to tan color, and the two almost parallel dark stripes right behind its head. 

Unlike other area roaches, the German cockroach prefers to live inside dwellings and businesses. To find a place to live, these pests will search for properties that provide them with an ample amount of food, water, and harborage opportunities. 

There is nothing a German cockroach loves more than tight spaces. These pests feel most safe when their back and belly are pressed against a surface at the same time. For this reason, they are most commonly found beneath large appliances, furniture, and inside other tough to reach places.

German cockroaches also love filth. The dirtier and environment is, the more opportunities for food there will be. However, we should mention that cockroaches still invade clean homes and businesses; they are just much less likely to stick around if they cannot find a bite to eat.

Problems German Cockroaches Cause

German cockroaches are not the most sanitary creatures. Crawling through trash, sewage, and over dead and decaying animals and plants, these pests pick up a large amount of disease-causing organisms. These organisms are transmitted through off of a cockroaches body and through their fecal matter and shed skin. Common diseases German cockroaches carry and spread include salmonellosis, dysentery, and gastroenteritis.

If spreading disease wasn’t enough, German cockroaches also spread allergens into the air with their fecal matter and shed skin. These particulates act as irritants to people with asthma, allergies, or other respiratory problems. As a roach infestation grows, this problem will become more noticeable.

How Hard Are German Cockroaches To Treat?

There are hard to deal with pests, and then there is harder to deal with pests. German cockroaches are the latter. These resistant home invaders are adept at avoiding danger. Even if you do find a product that effectively eliminates cockroaches, you could put people at risk in the process. Most pest control products contain chemicals and are dangerous when misused. Unless you are a trained professional, we do not recommend taking cockroaches, elimination into your own hands.

Prevention Tips For Roaches

Although we don’t recommend you eliminating cockroaches on your own, we do encourage you to put in place preventative measures. Here are some great ways to protect your home or business against dangerous roaches:

  • Keep things clean

  • Store your food properly

  • Seal the exterior of your home or business

  • Address moisture problems

  • Maintain your lawn and landscaping

For more help handling cockroaches or to have an infestation to be dealt with, let us help. At Keller’s Pest Control, we offer advanced pest treatments in Parrish for both eliminating and excluding dangerous roaches. Using industry-leading products, our team will ensure your home or business property gets everything it needs to fight back against these invasive pests. Call us today at Keller’s Pest Control for more details or to schedule a service visit for your Parrish property.

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