How Do Spiders Get Inside Florida Homes?


As a tropical state, Florida has a tendency to stay fairly warm throughout the year, no matter what season it is. It could be summer, fall, winter, or spring - the weather does not fluctuate much at all. Average Florida temperatures typically will not drop below 50 degrees. Unfortunately, for many Florida residents, these higher average temperatures mean that the insect pests that may go away in northern states during the fall and winter, are much more likely to remain active all year long in the Sunshine State. When insects stick around longer, you can be sure spiders will, too.

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Why Spiders Invade Homes

Spiders thrive in the warm, humid weather of Florida, which is why so many different spider species inhabit many backyards and outdoor areas around our homes. For this reason, it can be hard to understand why spiders are so prevalent in our homes. After all, if the temperatures outside are favorable, why would they want to invade our homes? When it comes to why spiders are invading your home, insects are most likely to blame. Spiders follow their food source (insects), so if there is a high level of insect activity inside your home, spiders will invade in order to create new webs and try to capture those insects. 

How Spiders Get Into Homes

When you’re as small as an insect or spider, getting into a home is pretty easy if the homeowner hasn’t taken any precautions.

Here are a few areas to check so you can keep spiders from getting in:

  • Cracks around doors or windows.
  • Torn screens.
  • Gaps in the foundation.
  • Vents or roofing that are not properly installed and sealed. 

Once inside, spiders typically try to avoid being seen. Attics, high shelves, closets, drawers, and any other dark and secluded areas become hot spots for spider activity. Keeping an eye out for spiders in their common entry points, plus the spaces where they hide once they invade, can greatly reduce how many spiders are getting into your home each year.

How to Eliminate Spiders 

When looking for the best spider elimination and removal services, Keller’s Pest Control is just what you need. Our team of highly trained pest professionals has all the skills, understanding, and equipment needed to keep your home spider-free year-round. To learn more about our spider control services, or what other pest solutions we offer, contact Keller’s!

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