Here's How Mice Get Into Bradenton Homes


Out of all the rodents in Bradenton, the house mouse may be the most well-recognized. Unfortunately, this is because the house mouse is a common household pest. Learn more about how mice get into Bradenton homes and what you can do to keep them out.

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 House Mice in Bradenton

If you've never seen a house mouse before, consider yourself lucky. The rodent is often seen in Bradenton homes. They have large ears and pointy noses. Typically, they vary in color from gray to light brown. One of the most common household pests, the house mouse is sometimes confused for a rat. However, rats have rounded noses, naked tails, and small ears. They have colors that are similar to house mice, but unlike mice, they can be black. 
If you find a mouse in your home or suspect that you have mice, you should act swiftly. Mice are dangerous for several reasons. For one, they carry diseases that can affect humans and can carry other pests that could invade your home. Furthermore, mice can cause a fire by chewing on your electrical wires. If you don't want to experience the dangers of mice first-hand, you should learn more about mouse behavior. And that means knowing how mice get into your home.

How Mice Get In

There are several ways in which mice can enter your home, but it all comes down to potential entrances. Mice are small and can fit in through unsuspecting openings. If there is a crack, crevice, or hole in your wall, mice can get through. They may also enter your home through gaps under doors and holes in screens.
It's important to realize that mice won't come into your home if they don't have a reason to do so. Usually, mice will become uninvited guests for one of two reasons: they either seek warmth and shelter in the colder weather, or they're looking for food. If you want to keep mice away, you need to take away pest access to your home and make your home less appealing to mice.

Mouse Prevention

 All of the following are ways to keep mice away:

  • Clean crumbs from your floors and counters after every meal to make food sources less accessible, and store dry food in plastic or glass containers instead of cardboard.
  • Store pet food in a large, tightly sealed plastic container to keep it well protected from mice.
  • Garbage will draw mice toward your property, so be sure to store it in tightly sealed containers. 
  • Use sealants to close all cracks and potential mice entry points.

But if all of the above precautions fail and mice manage to infest your home despite them, what should you do?

Work With The Professionals

Many people attempt to eliminate mice by trapping them. However, while traps can be effective at killing individual mice, they won't completely resolve an infestation altogether. You might catch a few mice, but you won't get them all. Because they reproduce quickly, the remaining mice will have no problem replacing the population, and your infestation will persist. Fortunately, our team has just the tools and knowledge necessary to eliminate all of your mice and ensure they don’t come back. Contact us at Keller's Pest Control today.

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