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Banana Spiders
Banana Spiders

What are banana spiders?

Banana spiders are large spiders found throughout the southeastern United States. Banana spiders receive their name because of the yellow/golden-colored silk they create to make their very large webs which they use to catch flying insects, their main food source. These spiders are often found in forests, open wooded areas, in fields, along wooded trails, and at the edges of clearings.


What do banana spiders look like?

Banana spiders are often called “golden orb weaver” spiders. They are a very large species of spider. The female’s body has the potential to reach 2 inches in diameter. Banana spiders have long inward-pointing legs. The female banana spider has distinctive tufts of hair on her legs. These spiders are usually red, yellow, and/or black in color.

Where am I likely to find banana spiders in my house?

Banana spiders are mainly found outside. Like many other species of spiders, they may find their way inside when following prey, or when the weather outside becomes too harsh for them to live comfortably. Inside, banana spiders can be found in dark quiet places like basements, crawl spaces, and closets.

Do banana spiders bite?

Yes, banana spiders have the ability to bite people. However, a bite usually only occurs if they are being directly handled or are accidentally pinched or squished. Their bites are not extremely painful and leave behind a small red welt.

Are banana spiders dangerous?

Banana spiders are not dangerous spiders. Their venom is not strong enough to cause serious health concerns in most people.

How do I get rid of banana spiders?

If you’ve discovered spiders in your home or business, Keller’s offers effective spider control services. Our team has the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to rid your property of these annoying arachnids. To learn more about our services, please contact us!