What To Do About Termites On Your Bradenton Property

Termites are a fact of life in Bradenton. The climate in South Florida is perfect for all living things—including termites. The most destructive of all termites is the subterranean termite. In this group, we have the Formosan subterranean termite and the Asian subterranean termite. These two are the worst of the worst. Their destructive capability is startling, even among subterranean termite species. But, there is a new threat emerging that may eclipse them. It is a new super termite hybrid that comes from Formosan and Asian termite mating. Experts say that this new species grows its numbers almost twice as fast, and could have a far greater capacity for destruction. Great. As if things were not bad enough. Subterranean termites already cost U.S. property owners over $5 billion, and Florida pays the lion's share of that cost. Now we have to worry about super termites? Well, you don't actually have to worry about termites at all. Termite damage can be prevented. Here's what you should know.

When Termites Come Onto Your Property

termites eating wood

There are two ways a termite can enter your yard. It can tunnel into your yard, or it can fly into your yard. A termite that tunnels into your yard is most definitely going to be a subterranean termite. A termite that flies into your yard could be a subterranean or drywood termite. 

Drywood Termites — These termites attack your home from the air. When alates climb on your exterior walls and find tiny entry points, they can get inside and establish a nest. Our termite control team helps homeowners protect their properties by providing year-round exterior treatments to repel and knockdown invading insects, and by performing routine inspections to identify vulnerabilities, conducive conditions, and termite activity. If required, treatments are performed to arrest any activity discovered.

Subterranean Termites — If a subterranean termite flies into your yard, it is likely to create a nest in the ground. Most subterranean termite species have some connection with the soil at all times. Formosan termites are somewhat unique in that they sometimes create above-ground nests within structures. These are called aerial nests. While it is trickier to protect your home from Formosan termites, it is possible. If you invest in year-round exterior treatments, these can give you some protection from Formosan termites. But Formosan and other subterranean termites are mostly controlled by applications of Termidor.

How Termidor Works

While exterior treatments and routine inspections are essential for subterranean termite control, the real secret weapon in our arsenal is Termidor. Termiticides have come a long way, and Termidor continues to lead the pack.

There was a time when termiticides were a toxic substance that killed termites on contact. But termites learned to avoid these products, and actually started finding pathways through barrier treatments that were not complete.

The product we use today is different.

  • Termidor is invisible to termites. They pass through it without realizing it.

  • Termidor contains an active ingredient that prevents termite molting. That means it targets termites and only termites.

  • Workers that pass through a Termidor barrier share the active ingredient with other termites through a process of grooming.

  • The active ingredient works its way through the colony and the colony dies.

  • No more colony; no more threat.

  • The best part about Termidor is that termites aren't going to find a pathway through the barrier treatment. They don't even know it is there.

  • When administered properly, and evaluated yearly by a licensed professional, Termidor works to provide 100 percent protection from nearly all subterranean termite threats.

  • There is no better way to protect your property investment from the ever-present threat of subterranean termite damage.

What Should You Do About Bradenton Termites?

Seek proactive protection from Keller's Pest Control. Our termite control technicians provide WDO Inspections, Termidor treatments, tent fumigations, spot treatments, and year-round pest control for residential and commercial structures. No home or business in Bradenton should ever be without termite protection, and the best way to get complete protection is by investing in complete pest control. Our Pest Protection Complete program provides general protection for the exterior of your property, drywood termite spot treatments, preventative subterranean termite treatments, and a lifetime re-treatment warranty.

Bradenton is teeming with life. When you invest in complete termite control, you also get protection from more than 20 common South Florida pests, some of which present a health threat to you and your family, such as venomous spiders, ants, and wasps. The best solution for termites is the best solution for all your pest concerns. Invest in Pest Protection Complete from Keller's Pest Control and guard your health and property from Bradenton pests. Reach out to us today and schedule a free evaluation to get started.