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Filled with beautiful marinas, sunny beaches, and glistening waters, the city of Punta Gorda, FL, is quite literally paradise; but even paradise has its flaws. Pest activity is a reality here in sunny Florida that property owners should be wary of. When pests gain entry into your home or business, they multiply rapidly until you have a full-on infestation to deal with. The good thing, however, is that you don’t have to deal with it alone.
Keller’s Pest Control is here to help. We are proud to offer comprehensive residential and commercial pest control services to properties throughout Charlotte County and the surrounding areas. We’ve been protecting the local community from a long list of common area pests for over 20 years, and with plans starting as low as $29, there’s no reason not to give us a call. We provide free estimates and same-day services, and we always customize our treatment plans to fit your individual needs. Call us today to get started.

Residential Pest Control In Punta Gorda, FL

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Punta Gorda homeowners know how important it is to protect your loved ones at all times. A pest infestation can be extremely detrimental to the structure of your house, and it causes large scale contamination, compromising the health and safety of everyone inside the property. That’s why it’s crucial to have regular residential pest control services from the professionals. Keller’s Pest Control currently services over 5,000 satisfied homeowners in the local area with comprehensive residential pest control services.
Each one of our home service plans provides coverage from over 20 common household pests. If you aren’t interested in repeated maintenance visits, we offer a one-time-only pest service to cover one individual pest concern (excluding termites). No matter what your residential pest control needs may be, we’re here to help. Our pest-free guarantee promises results that you can depend on. Call us today for a free estimate.

Commercial Pest Control In Punta Gorda, FL

If you run a business here in Punta Gorda, you’ve got enough to think about; there’s no need to add a pest infestation to that list of concerns. Our commercial pest control services are customized to come up with the best plan of action to tackle your specific pest problem. Then, we implement all the necessary tactics to make sure they stay away from your facility.
We provide ongoing services that are available monthly. Starting with an initial inspection, where we identify all pest activity, we develop a treatment program based on our findings. Once we eliminate all pests from the property, we return for continual maintenance. Our commercial services include general pest control, insect and rodent exclusion, drain treatments, fly control, crawling insect control, and rodent control. Contact us today to discuss your commercial pest control needs, and we’ll set up your inspection right away.

The Real Dangers Of Mosquitoes In Punta Gorda, FL

Mosquitoes are notorious for biting unsuspecting victims, leaving them itchy and helpless. But what many people may not know is that these pests pick up viruses from infected animals and then transmit these diseases to humans and pets through their bites. There are many mosquitoes-borne diseases to be aware of, such as malaria, West Nile virus, yellow fever, and Zika virus, just to name a few.
Many of these ailments cause great discomfort and lead to more severe symptoms like rashes, muscle or joint pain, and even brain swelling. Not all of them have available vaccines or effective medications, so becoming infected with one of these viruses is a real cause for concern. The most effective way to protect yourself from mosquitoes is to secure ongoing services from the pest experts. Call Keller’s Pest Control today to learn more about our mosquito control and prevention services.

Are Bed Bugs In Punta Gorda, FL Detectable?

Bed bugs are tiny, parasitic pests that can cause a wide-spread infestation. They tend to hide in areas with easy access to their food source, which is human blood. They hitchhike from room to room and spread their populations until there’s a huge outbreak. If you’re wondering how to tell whether or not you have a bed bug problem, there are some common indications to be on the lookout for.
You may find small, red bloodstains on sheets and bedding. Bed bugs leave these behind after they finish feeding on their host. You might find small, brown spots of bed bug excrement around their hiding places. Also, waking up with a linear formation of tiny red bites that you didn’t have when you went to sleep the night before is usually indicative of bed bug activity.
If you detect any of these signs of bed bug activity, you should call the team at Keller’s Pest Control right away. We are familiar with the habits and behaviors of these nocturnal bloodsuckers, and we know the areas that need special attention. Our unmatched detection and extermination services give you the dependable protection you deserve.

Punta Gorda's Guide To Effective Rodent Control

Rodents can cause several problems when they get onto your Punta Gorda property. The troubles start when they dig into your lawn, resulting in unsightly holes. They can also fit through tiny crevices in your exterior, allowing access inside your house.

The biggest problems occur when these pests get into your home. They can damage insulation in your attic and chew on wires behind walls. These actions can cause your utility bills to increase and potential electrical fires.

A sturdy fence can keep rodents off your property, but many can find ways through this blockade. Fortunately, you can create a second line of defense to keep them from invading your house. Some of these prevention tips include:

  • Seal cracks or gaps around your home.
  • Store food in rodent-proof containers.

  • Remove garbage frequently.

  • Reduce clutter.

  • Trim plants away from your house.

Rodents can be dangerous to remove because they can bite and potentially spread illnesses. For this reason, you should call rodent control professionals to handle an infestation on your property. At Keller’s Pest Control, our technicians use the safest and most effective methods to remove these pests. Call us today to learn more about our rodent exclusion services in Punta Gorda.


Can Roaches In Your Punta Gorda House Really Make You Sick?

Roaches in Punta Gorda can be scary-looking intruders in your home. They're larger than many pests and look like they could be dangerous. While they don't bite or sting people, they can make occupants sick by spreading illnesses around a property.

These pests live in unsanitary areas and pick up potentially dangerous pathogens on their bodies, carrying them into homes. They spread these pathogens on surfaces when they move around at night and hide to avoid residents. Some illnesses you can catch from roaches include:

  • Typhoid fever

  • Cholera

  • Dysentery

  • Listeriosis

  • Salmonellosis

The most common symptoms of these illnesses are fever and diarrhea, and they're usually not serious. However, their urine, droppings, and saliva can cause allergies and asthma symptoms in some people, which can be a greater risk. Give us a call if you see roaches and get started on our effective cockroach control services in Punta Gorda.


Factors That Attract Fleas And Ticks To Your Punta Gorda Yard

Fleas and ticks are problematic for Punta Gorda homeowners and their pets. Many pests invade houses through gaps or holes in the exterior, but fleas and ticks jump on dogs and cats to get inside. These creatures prefer to bite animals but will also bite people.

Fleas and ticks gain entry into Punta Gorda yards on wild animals and use their leaping skills to jump on dogs and cats. Pets carry these pests into your house, where they can continue to feed on the blood of household animals and occupants.

These creatures can't live in the sun for long and need moisture to survive. As a result, shade and water are common attractants. Some common factors that attract fleas and ticks to Punta Gorda yards include:

  • Tall grasses

  • Weeds

  • Standing water

  • Vegetation

  • Other insects

The best way to prevent infestations is to remove these factors. You can also protect your home by regularly bathing your pets, keeping them on year-round medication, and vacuuming. However, you'll need professional assistance after they get into your house.

At Keller's Pest Control, we have the tools to find fleas and ticks and remove them from your property. We also offer quarterly services to protect your home from various Florida intruders. Contact us today to get fleas and ticks away from your Punta Gorda house.


How Can You Prevent Spiders In Your Punta Gorda House?

Spiders are among the most feared pests that invade Florida homes. Many people assume all spiders are dangerous, but most are harmless. However, black widow and brown recluse spiders have potent venom that can cause medical problems.

It's hard to tell which spiders are in your house without getting close to them, but that can be problematic if dangerous spiders have infested your home. They typically hide in dark corners to stalk prey, making them difficult to see. Fortunately, you can prevent these pests by taking preventative steps, including:

  • Removing clutter to reduce hiding places.

  • Moving firewood at least 20 feet from your house.

  • Closing gaps or holes in your home's exterior to remove entry points.

  • Eliminating insect infestations that can attract spiders.

Since some spiders are dangerous, you should call professionals if you see any in your house. Our specialists at Keller's Pest Control know how to remove these arachnids and their webs and will address other infestations that might attract them. Call us today if you see spiders on your Punta Gorda property.


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