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Of all the banks and barrier islands so common to the Florida area, none are quite as beautiful as Indian Rocks Beach. Sometimes referred to simply as IRB, this city supports a population of 5,000 people. Indian Rocks Beach is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Pinellas County, offering more than 26 beach access points along two miles’ worth of sandy waves. Apart from its beautiful beachside views, Indian Rocks Beach is recognized for its extreme diversity in restaurants, eateries, and outdoor attractions. If you plan on visiting the west coast of Florida sometime in the future, make sure you plan on stopping by Indian Rocks Beach for some well-deserved relaxation. Despite its status as an enjoyable vacation destination, Indian Rocks Beach is not without its flaws. Like so many other cities along the Western side of Florida, pest concerns and infestations are always a consideration to keep in mind.

Insects, mammals, and wildlife species are becoming more and more frequent in the area, and require constant attention to keep in check. The team at Keller’s Pest Control is proud to be an ongoing provider of vigilant pest control in western Florida. After decades of experience in our industry, we were able to create actionable plans for both home and business owners. A few simple visits from our representatives will have your home pest-free year-round. Call today to schedule an initial appointment, or learn more about our program types.

Residential Pest Control In Indian Rocks Beach, FL

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With over 20 years of industry experience, Keller’s Pest Control is proud to provide the following residential pest control services to Indian Rocks Beach, FL:

  • Pest Protection Basic 
  • Pest Protection Plus 

  • Pest Protection Complete 

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Commercial Pest Control In Indian Rocks Beach, FL

No two Indian Rocks Beach businesses are ever alike, which is why every one of our Keller’s Pest Control operatives is trained to provide 100% customizable pest control. We offer:

  • Comprehensive initial inspection services. 
  • Complete interior and exterior home treatments. 
  • Aggressive follow-up visitations after every treatment. 

Learn more about commercial pest control services from Keller’s Pest Control by calling our Indian Rocks Beach, FL location.

What Does Termite Damage Look Like In Indian Rocks Beach Homes?

Insects that eat wood are not uncommon in the Indian Rocks Beach area. Due to a high volume of moisture, constant flooding, and mild seasonal temperatures, these insects have the ability to spread and infest without any lag time.

Many types of wood-eating insects create similar forms of damage. The destruction caused by powder post beetles often resembles that of carpenter ants or other related creatures. So what does termite damage look like in Indian Rocks Beach homes, and what should be done about it? Refer to the helpful tips below:

  • Termite damage is often accompanied by dirt-ridden mud tunnels. These mud tunnels will be running up walls, floors, and ceilings, and often show signs of termite activity. You may even catch sight of a drone or soldier termite scuttling near the tunnel. 
  • Termite damage is caused along the grain of the wood. If the damage appears to be zigzagged or random in pattern, it is likely not termite damage. 

  • Termites leave piles of small sawdust grains, commonly known as frass. Piles of this frass may point towards a larger termite infestation. 

For concerns related to termite infestations and more, contact the reputable team at Keller’s Pest Control. Our outstanding residential and commercial pest control technicians will be prepared to address your termite control questions as soon as possible.

How To Protect Your Pets From Fleas In Indian Rocks Beach

If you own a cat, dog, or other small furry pet, you are likely at risk for getting a flea infestation in Indian Rocks Beach. Fleas are increasingly common pests around Florida lawns and are lovers of all things warm, wet, and furry. Although pets are often the first 'family' members to show signs of a serious problem, flea activity can affect humans as well.

Here's how to protect your pets from fleas in Indian Rocks Beach:

  • Have your pets protected with topical ointments, flea collars, or similar flea treatment. Choose the alternatives that may be right for you by calling a local veterinarian. 
  • Never purchase secondhand furniture, rugs, or pet beds without knowing their source. Secondhand materials are a frequent source of flea activity. 

  • Do what you can to provide constant maintenance to your lawn. Trim all grasses, prune all shrubs, and otherwise trim long tree branches to reduce pockets of moisture. 

For additional tips and tricks regarding the use of flea protection in your yard, contact the professional team at Keller’s Pest Control. Schedule a free termite inspection with our team right away. 


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