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Brandon, FL might be considered an unincorporated community, but this city is home to over 114,000 residents. Brandon has a bustling restaurant economy and is the home of the county fairgrounds, which draw in thousands of visitors every year. Additionally, Brandon is the site of the Florida Academy Performing Arts. The wide variety of activities this community offers is luring thousands to this city, which unfortunately means that Hillsborough County pest control needs are on the rise. At Keller’s Pest Control, we have made a commitment to the residents of Brandon to ensure their homes and businesses remain secure and pest-free, year-round. Read on to learn how!

Residential Pest Control In Brandon

home pest control in brandon

When it comes to keeping your home safe and secure, who better to trust than Keller’s Pest Control? Since 1996, we have been providing Brandon homeowners with top-quality residential pest control services proven to effectively eliminate infestations and keep new ones from cropping up. After protecting over 5,000 homes in Brandon and the surrounding areas, we have refined our formula to include:

  • Initial services to your home’s interior and exterior, completed by a licensed technician.

  • Ongoing treatments are continued around the outside of your home on a regular basis to ensure you stay pest-free, with indoor treatments completed if needed.

  • A pest-free guarantee between your regularly scheduled visits. If pests show up, we will come out and re-treat for free.

We offer several different residential pest control plans, designed to meet every possible need. Your technician will work closely with you to determine what the best plan of action is for your home. Regardless of the plan you choose, you will always receive high-quality customer service, effective treatments, and dependable scheduling. You can always count on Keller’s Pest Control to show up when we say we will. If you are tired of sharing your home with troublesome pests, don’t wait -- give us a call today!

Commercial Pest Control In Brandon

A pest infestation in your business is a truly frustrating experience. Pests don’t just destroy physical properties -- they can harm your revenue, make your employees and patrons ill, and result in a devastating blow to your hard-earned reputation. That’s why Keller’s Pest Control performs comprehensive commercial pest control services for all types of Brandon businesses. No matter what your situation is, your licensed technician will:

  • Complete a thorough inspection of your property’s interior and exterior, looking for pressure points and conducive conditions.

  • Develop a treatment program that is customized to meet your business’s specific needs.

  • Ongoing services to ensure new pest problems aren’t popping up.

Our commercial pest control services can be used for general pest control issues as well as pest-specific problems. Regardless of the type of pests bothering you, and no matter the severity of your infestation, the dedicated team at Keller’s Pest Control will be there to help. The community knows that when we treat a business, they can rest assured that your business is safe, sanitary, and pest-free. Don’t let pests throw a wrench in your operations -- call us for help today!

Silverfish Prevention Tips For Brandon Residents

Silverfish are strange-looking pests that are rather common in Brandon. Due to their love of all things moist and humid, it is really easy for your home or business to have the perfect conditions for these pests to thrive. Below are some ways you can prevent a silverfish infestation from planting its roots on your property:

  • Caulk up holes: Like with most pests, infestations start outdoors. Start by locating any hole, crack, or crevice in the sidings of your property and caulk them up. This will prevent silverfish from getting inside in the first place.

  • Store clothes in dry environments: If you are storing clothes on the property (or other types of fabric), make sure they are stored in dry places and not subjected to humidity.

  • Keep food in sealed containers: Your dry foods in your pantries should be in properly sealed containers that can’t be chewed through, as this will lessen the appeal of your home significantly.

  • Get a dehumidifier: The temperatures here in Brandon are tough, and that humidity makes your property the perfect condition for silverfish to thrive. Combat this by using a dehumidifier in your home.

If you are unsure how these pests are getting into your home, consider calling the experts at Keller’s Pest Control. With over 25 years of experience dealing with silverfish in Florida, our technicians will pinpoint the exact reasons for your problems in a prompt manner and implement proven prevention strategies to keep them from coming back. Contact us today!

A Guide To Rat Control For Brandon Property Owners

A rat infestation is a real nightmare that risks your health and safety. The good news is there are some helpful tricks to keep rats away from your property. Here’s a guide to rat control for Brandon property owners:

  • Eliminate sources of excess moisture. 

  • Get rid of accessible food sources.

  • Keep the house clean and tidy and reduce clutter.

  • Keep trash in sealed, gnaw-proof bins outside.

  • Promptly wipe up spills and any food residue.

  • Regularly take the garbage out. 

  • Store food in tightly sealed, gnaw-proof containers.

While these tips can certainly help you avoid rat infestation, none of them are entirely guaranteed to work on their own. For guaranteed protection from rat activity, your best bet is to call in pest professionals. Reach out to Keller’s Pest Control today for quality rat control and prevention that you can trust. 


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