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a carpenter ant borrowing through a wooden strcture within a home in floria

5 Tips To Stop Ants In The Yard From Invading Your Home


For as long as warm weather reigns, those of us in the Sunshine state know that ant season is a constant and incredibly annoying problem.  Ants in the yard are simply unavoidable during Florida’s hot and muggy summer season. With the abundance of water and high temperatures throughout the da... Read More

a big black carpenter ant crawling along a wooden structure in a home in florida

Tips For Keeping Carpenter Ants Out Of Your Florida Home


 Most ants are nuisance pests and contaminate food, but carpenter ants will also damage the stability of your home. The destruction that carpenter ants cause is similar to that of termites. They tunnel through wooden structures, hollowing them out and making them insecure. Learn more about how carpenter ants damage Florida homes. ... Read More

spider on ground

How Do Spiders Get Inside Florida Homes?


Unfortunately, for many Florida residents, these higher average temperatures mean that the insect pests that may go away in northern states during the fall and winter, are much more likely to remain active all year long in the Sunshine State. When insects stick around longer, you can be sure spiders will, too.... Read More

raccoon up close

Preparing Your Home Against Fall Wildlife Problems


We’re finally getting to the time of year when it’s pleasant to be outside again. Summer was hot, humid, and sometimes unbearable, but now the temperature has dropped just enough to make the outdoors enjoyable once more. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks this way. Some wildlife pests take this change in temperature as a sign that they need to find lodging in an indoor environment that’s warm, dry, and offers a steady food so... Read More

carpenter ant on a rock

How Carpenter Ants Damage Florida Homes


The state of Florida is home to many species of ants. Due to the humidity that is prevalent this far south, many of these ants are still very active and have the potential to remain active for some time to come.... Read More


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