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a black widow dangerous spider crawling on a web

Why Are There Spiders In My Manatee County Home?


There is no such thing as a good pest in your Manatee County home. Even when the pest is somewhat beneficial to the environment, they still don't belong inside. One such pest is the spider, which is known to prey on those annoying insects that aim to get inside. ... Read More

a cluster of wasps in a nest on a bradenton yard

Bradenton Homeowners' Ultimate Wasp Prevention Guide


In the Bradenton area, there are plenty of pests around that cause a problem for homeowners. Out of all of them, the wasp is up there in terms of how annoying they can be besides the number of problems they can cause. There are many different species of wasp. Learn what to look out for. ... Read More

terite swarmers crawling on a house

Manatee County's Complete Guide To Termite Swarmers


Pest management isn’t just necessary when you see insects and creatures on your Manatee County property. Where there are many, the only defense is to prepare in advance, because once they’re indoors, the situation will be dire. This could be because they reproduce rapidly and can pose a great threat. ... Read More

a house mouse eating food scraps

A Springtime Pest Prevention Guide For Sarasota County Property Owners  


Many Sarasota County homeowners look forward to the spring season because it often means vacations and comfortable weather. Those in business may be excited to experience a relevant increase in sales. For instance, entrepreneurs in the hotel industry will see an uptick in reservations because of the aforementioned getaways. No matter which side you’re on, there’s one thing that can spoil your good time and that’s pests. ... Read More

a raccoon roaming on a lawn

What Bradenton Property Owners Need To Know About Raccoon Control


When Bradenton home and business owners consider pest remediation, it’s likely because insects are troubling them. If there are any thoughts toward creatures, it’s usually smaller ones, like rats and mice. The reality is there is a plethora of animals and wildlife around that are threatening in some manner. They can harm structures, belongings, and you personally. ... Read More

a roof rat in a kitchen

What Every Sarasota County Property Owner Ought To Know About Roof Rats    


A silent invader circles around your Sarasota County home seeking an entry point. In the dead of night, they scurry up drainpipes, race across tree branches, and teeter on utility lines. They can slip into your home through a hole as small as a quarter. For months, these silent invaders can wreak havoc on your Sarasota County property.... Read More

a carpenter ant on a table

How To Tell If Your Bradenton Property Has Carpenter Ants  


One day, you notice smooth boreholes on your deck. A small dusting of sawdust lies at the base of the hole. Listening closely, you can hear a dull scratching noise coming from inside. Have you encountered this around your Bradenton home? You might be dealing with a carpenter ant invasion.... Read More

fire ants on a hill

Sixteen Easy Yet Effective Pest Prevention Tips For Your Lakewood Ranch Property


Pests are a problem that every homeowner faces. From mansions to cabins, every home dwelling is at risk of a pest invasion. The only people that don’t have to deal with pests are those who have put in place prevention measures to stop them. To help you fight back, we will be providing for you today 16 easy yet effective ways to keep your Lakewood Ranch property pest-free.... Read More

an indian meal moth in a pantry

A Handy Guide To Keeping Pantry Moths Out Of Your Lakewood Ranch


Often known simply as the nocturnal counterpart to the elegant butterfly, moths are usually just as harmless. At most, all you typically have to worry about regarding these bugs would just be annoying crowding around porch lights. However, the Indian Meal Moth, commonly known as the pantry moth, is no such innocuous insect.... Read More

an earwig crawling on a wooden table

Palmetto's Complete Guide To Earwig Control 


There’s a lot of bad publicity surrounding these putrid pests, but they might not be as dangerous as you were led to believe. Earwigs in Palmetto are considered nuisance pests, meaning that their bark is much worse than their bite. ... Read More

a house mouse eating bread

Here's How Mice Get Into Bradenton Homes


Out of all the rodents in Bradenton, the house mouse may be the most well-recognized. Unfortunately, this is because the house mouse is a common household pest. Learn more about how mice get into Bradenton homes and what you can do to keep them out.... Read More

a flea jumping on human skin

The Best Way To Keep Fleas & Ticks Away From Your Lakewood Ranch Property


Fleas and ticks are often grouped together because these two pests have something in common. Both of these pests are organisms that live on the outside of another living host. This is important to understand if you're looking to keep ticks and fleas out of your yard. The secret to reducing flea and tick populations is to reduce wildlife activity and harborage options.... Read More

a raccoon climbing a tree in a yard

Six Quick & Easy Wildlife Prevention Tips For Parrish Properties


Animals can be destructive pests. They can dig holes in your yard, eat your plants, tear holes in your screens, chew holes in your walls, destroy weatherstripping, damage rooflines, and get into your home. As they do these things, they expose you to fleas, ticks, and other parasites, and leave dropping in your yard that can attract flies, cockroaches and other pests. This is only the tip of the iceberg. There are a surprising number of ways wi... Read More

a house fly on a countertop

The Problems House Flies Can Cause In Your Bradenton Home


House flies are so annoying. They're big. They're noisy. And they have the unsavory habit of landing on your food and on your skin. When they get inside your home, you probably go for the fly swatter quick. You may have something even better than a fly swatter. You might have one of those tennis rackets that electrify flies, or a fly gun that uses salt, like buckshot. While it might be fun to kill flies with a tennis racket or a gun, these are... Read More

hornet in a residential garden

How Dangerous Are The Hornets Around My Parrish Property?


There are many different kinds of stinging insects. From bees to wasps to hornets, it’s important to learn to protect yourself and your family. Many homeowners don’t know a lot about hornets. What separates these stinging insects from others? How dangerous are they, exactly? How can you keep them off your property? Let’s take a closer look.... Read More

a small deer tick in the palm of a hand

What To Do If A Tick In Lakewood Ranch Bites You


It’s not hard to see why ticks are some of Lakewood Ranch’s most despised outdoor pests. About 2-6 millimeters long at maturity, ticks are classified as a type of parasitic arachnid, and not an insect as commonly thought. Their eight legs, tiny bodies, and brown to black coloration patterns make this creature difficult to spot even while attached to the skin.... Read More

paper wasp crawling on its nest

4 Quick Wasp Control Tips For Palmetto Property Owners


It’s no secret that wasps are some of the most aggravating outdoor pests in all of Palmetto. Using the warm summers and mild winters to their advantage, these creatures can go on living and building up their nests for long periods of time.... Read More

spider inside of a home

The Secret To Keeping Spiders Out Of Your Lakewood Ranch Home 


We may not always consider the dangers posed by creatures which are a mere fraction of our size, but these six-eyed arachnids are skulking, terrifying predators hiding in plain sight. Lakewood Ranch has four common species of spiders that call this city home, including: ... Read More

mosquito on a leaf

Why Year-round Mosquito Control Is A Must For Parrish Yards


The warm, humid air and lack of freezing temperatures mean that the bugs that like it hot can stay active all year long. It’s smart for homeowners to be on top of proper mosquito control and it’s important to know what works and what is just a waste of time.... Read More

a termite infesttaon in a home

8 Myths About Termites In Bradenton You Probably Still Believe 


Myth #2: Termites can eat through concrete. This is a weird one concocted from old wives' tales and horror stories about termites making it through concrete walls and foundations. The truth is termites can’t chew through concrete and never would try because it provides no nutritional value to them. However, concrete isn’t a foolproof barrier to keeping termites out. The imperfections that form in even the best of concrete ... Read More

an earwig crawling on a table

How Much Do You Really Know About Earwigs In Lakewood Ranch?


They may look like the stuff of nightmares, but earwigs aren’t nearly as gruesome or dangerous as old wives’ tales make them out to be. They don’t crawl up inside your ears at night, lay eggs and eat your brains. They are, however, a common pest to contend with. Making sure you keep up on household pest prevention measures is a good way to make sure you never have to worry.... Read More

a german cockroach crawling in a bowl

Palmetto Homeowner’s Quick Reference Guide To German Cockroach Control


A cockroach infestation can be more than just a headache. While these pests are some of the most difficult to kill or remove from residences entirely, cockroaches are also harmful to the health and property of those who come in contact with them. These insects root around in damp, dirty places of urban society, and they are uniquely adapted to survive. The most common type of cockroach to find inside is the German cockroach.... Read More

big headed ant crawling on tree bark

All The Different Ants That Can Invade Your Bradenton Home


Insects are some of the most diverse types of animals on the planet, and there’s tremendous diversity among even one type of insect. We are talking about ants. There are nuisance ants that can crawl all over your counter tops and contaminate food, then there are dangerous ants that can pack painful bites and spread diseases. Nuisance or dangerous. Do you want either in your home?... Read More

swarmers on a tree branch

What Termite Season Means For Lakewood Ranch Homes


It’s termite season! Let’s be honest though, every day of every month is termite season. Termites are one of the few species on earth that never sleep. They eat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ravaging homes from the inside out. They can live in colonies near, or in, our homes, often going undetected for months or even years. When we talk about “termite season” we are talking about swarming. Termites swarm in late winter... Read More

a paper wasp crawling on a nest

Getting Ready For The Return Of Paper Wasps In Bradenton 


Paper wasps are considered to be the garden helpers of the stinging insect world. While not necessarily absolved from stinging or hostile behavior, this species of wasp is far less aggressive than its cousins the yellow jacket and hornet. The closer the fall season gets, the more aggressive paper wasps become as they run out of food sources and begin to die off.... Read More

spider on wall

Is It A Cellar Spider Or Daddy Long Legs Hanging Around Your Lakewood Ranch Basement?


Are you seeing long-legged spiders in your basement? If you are, it isn't surprising. Most Lakewood Ranch cellars and basements have long-legged spiders. They're called long-bodied cellar spiders and there are several species of these spiders in the United States. But you might call them daddy longlegs. Many people do. Here's how you can tell the difference between long-bodied cellar spiders and daddy longlegs.... Read More

a large colony of wasps swarming out of their nest along a lakewood ranch property

Why Yellow Jackets Are Invading Lakewood Ranch Properties


With summer in full swing, you might be spending every moment possible outside. Enjoying the warm weather in Florida often means picnics, barbecues, get-togethers, parties, and other outdoor gatherings. Summer is the perfect time for outdoor activity, but it’s also the time for increased yellow jacket activity.... Read More

termite infested wood

How To Tell If Your Home Has Termite Damage


When you live in a place with a climate like Florida’s, death and taxes aren’t the only things that are certain, termites are too. Termites thrive in our environment, so it’s important to know the signs termites present and whether or not your home has termite damage.... Read More

a large colony of swarming termites daming a wooden structure on a home in florida

Why Now Is the Time To Get Professional Termite Protection In Florida


Termite season can be defined as the time of year when the temperature and climate are best suited for termites to thrive. In many states, termite season lasts through the warmer months and ends as the cold returns to welcome fall and winter. However, here in Florida, cold is relatively a foreign concept. This means termites never face the low temperatures needed to end their destructive season. However, although their season never ends, it do... Read More

a flesh biting bed bug crawling on the clean white linens of a florida residents bedding

How To Tell If Your Florida Home Has Bed Bugs


Bed bugs are definitely making a surge here in Florida.  They don’t care about cleanliness, they just care about finding blood from a host to feed on. They may not be extremely dangerous, but some people may develop a secondary infection or experience anxiety from the bed bug infestation.... Read More

a buzzing mosquito bitting the bare skin of a florida resident

Why To Call Keller’s Pest Control For Mosquitoes Around Your Home


When it comes to mosquito control, professional treatment is the way to go. DIY treatments will put only a small dent in your mosquito problems. Eliminating water sources and using repellent is a great start, but once you get a taste of how professional control works, you’ll see how much better the outcome is.... Read More


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