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a tick crawling on a human finger

How To Protect Yourself From Dangerous Naples Ticks


Here in Naples, we don’t have a lot of natural barriers to tick population growth. Our mild Florida winters and humid climate allow ticks to remain active and thriving all year round. The abundant wildlife in our wilderness areas provides these parasites with plenty of opportunities for a blood meal.... Read More

an american cockroach inside a kitchen

Why do Businesses In Sarasota County Struggle to Keep Pests Out?


Business owners have to worry about their reputations. With the age of social media at its peak, news travels fast and bad news travels faster. All it takes is one shared picture or posted review about a pest sighting in your business to dissolve any trust you've built with your customers, and from there, it turns into an abysmal domino effect.... Read More

up close image of a termite chewing a wood tunnel

How To Tell If Your Naples Property Has A Termite Problem


Termite damage cost is no laughing matter. In fact, termites are among the most expensive pests you can get in your home. Our humid and warm climate in Florida means we have to worry about these dangerous and destructive little devils even more than many other states’ residents do. ... Read More


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