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a small deer tick in the palm of a hand

What To Do If A Tick In Lakewood Ranch Bites You


It’s not hard to see why ticks are some of Lakewood Ranch’s most despised outdoor pests. About 2-6 millimeters long at maturity, ticks are classified as a type of parasitic arachnid, and not an insect as commonly thought. Their eight legs, tiny bodies, and brown to black coloration patterns make this creature difficult to spot even while attached to the skin.... Read More

paper wasp crawling on its nest

4 Quick Wasp Control Tips For Palmetto Property Owners


It’s no secret that wasps are some of the most aggravating outdoor pests in all of Palmetto. Using the warm summers and mild winters to their advantage, these creatures can go on living and building up their nests for long periods of time.... Read More

spider inside of a home

The Secret To Keeping Spiders Out Of Your Lakewood Ranch Home 


We may not always consider the dangers posed by creatures which are a mere fraction of our size, but these six-eyed arachnids are skulking, terrifying predators hiding in plain sight. Lakewood Ranch has four common species of spiders that call this city home, including: ... Read More


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